Charlotte is 7 months!!

My little love is 7 months old!

We ended up in the doctor around her 7 month birthday for more fever and she’s a whopping 14 pounds!

She gained 5 oz this month. I think this is the age that the rapid growth starts to slow.

Big Moments for Charlotte this Month:

– reaching out to be picked up

– imitating sounds, gestures and facial expressions

– leaning toward objects while sitting up

– anticipating what comes next

– teething has begun!

– picks up dropped objects

– responds to her name

– lifts head, shoulders, and stomach off floor while on tummy (pre-crawling)

– first full cold

– Eating solids twice a day

– super ticklish

– First taste of ice cream (For her 7 month birthday.. 4/23/12)

– said “da-da” for the first time. But hasn’t said it since.

Here’s a video of Charlotte as she started to learn that she can put her body into leaning towards objects to more easily reach them.


Since this video, she’s learned to rock while sitting up and has started to put herself into the ‘on all fours’ crawling position. Once there, she rocks but hasn’t figured out moving yet. I would guess we still have about 4-5 more weeks to enjoy Charlotte as she sits there so cute and doesn’t move. Then things get interesting.

This video is of my ticklish baby and her precious little laugh. She’s so sweet. So innocent.


Eating: She’s down to nursing about 4 times during the day and maybe once or twice at night. She eats a jar of baby food in the morning and night. Her favorite flavor is banana. I give her oatmeal with banana and banana yogurt for breakfast sometimes. She also enjoys the turkey and chicken with vegetable flavors. She’s really a great eater. It’s bewildering to me that she’s so small. She eats really large portions and drinks a lot when she nurses too. There’s no shortage of wet and dirty diapers.

This is what happens when Daddy feeds the baby.

Sleeping: She’s taking about 2 naps per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They are only lengthy if I’m holding her or napping with her. Lots of times I wear in a carrier and let her nurse and then nap so I can get stuff done. She’s super cuddly and wants to be right next to me while sleeping. I put her down for the night when Cameron goes to bed, around 7-8pm, and usually have a few hours to relax or work out or get things done around the house. Some nights, she’s extra clingy and will wake up constantly until I go to bed with her. Once I’m there, she sleeps until probably 3 or 4 am on average and then eats for a few minutes and goes back to sleep again until 7-8 am.

We’ve graduated from the swaddle!!

These two are already giggling together at bedtime.

And she’s doing really well for Brian while I’m at work lately. He still puts her in the swing and she wakes up usually 1-2 times per night. But according to him, she’s a lot easier to put to sleep and back to sleep now. And her relationship with him has really blossomed. Now that she’s very responsive to him, he’s even more affectionate with her. She lights up when she sees him. She’s perfectly content to be held by him and he can rock her to sleep without any problems. He’s the only person that can give her a bottle. I love seeing these two bond. Her love for her family is so pure.

She’s still my super attached baby. She wants to be with me all day. She’s getting a little better about being put down in her pack and play with toys. She will play for about 15-20 minutes. She also likes to play on the ground when Cameron is around playing too. I’ve noticed the most important thing is staying where she can see me. She hasn’t figured out yet that when I leave the room, it doesn’t mean I’m gone for good.

She hasn’t warmed up to many people other than Brian, Cameron & me yet. I think she recognizes and loves her extended family, like grandparents, aunts & uncles and great-grandparents, but she’s not quite ready to leave her mom or dad’s arms. I feel like as soon as she starts moving she’s going to really open up to people. For now, she’d rather just smile and flirt from the safety of our arms. Just be patient guys, she’s worth the wait. I promise.

We enjoy going for walks in our neighborhood but most days, Charlotte is not a fan of being put in the stroller. She will tolerate it for about a block before I have to carry her. We just returned our old stroller and got a new double jogging stroller too! I always make sure I have my carrier with me so I can strap her in and keep moving. In fact, she spends a good portion of her day in that thing. I’m not sure how other moms survive if their babies don’t want to be put down and don’t like to be worn. I’m VERY thankful she loves it.

And I never mind the cuddles.

Bath time is fun now. She’s pretty much over the dislike of the water. We put her in a bath chair and bathe both kids together. It works out well as long as Cameron is in a sharing mood that day. Charlotte loves to play with her little plastic donkey in the tub. She chews on him and splashes with him.

She’s not a fan of the splash pad like big sis yet.

But in all fairness, it is very cold water. But it is fun to watch bis sister play!

She likes to go to the park and swing. And she enjoys sitting in the grass and feeling it in her fingers.


Charlotte’s hair is getting blonder the longer it gets.

And her eyes still have not decided what color they are. They’re still somewhere between green and brown.

We went through several drool heavy weeks before those little teeth pushed through.

Playing outside.

She also started to play in Cameron’s old Jenny Jump Up.

She’s still not too sure about it.  But she tolerates it for a few minutes. I think Cameron was over 8 months old when she figured out it was fun.

I hope she’s always a camera ham.

I just love lazy days at home when the girls are wearing just a t-shirt and diaper. They are so darn cute. I enjoy days with no agenda. It’s nice to just enjoy them without always being on the go.

Does this look familiar?

Here’s Cam at 7 months.

There are some days, and faces, where I think these two look just alike. It’s definitely most obvious when they are sleeping. But then other times they look so different. They have a few similar features which stand out and make them look similar. Like the hair length at this age.  And big dark eyes. And that tongue.

Gotta love it.

And as fun as just T-shirts can be, bows are lots of fun too.

I love an always happy and willing photography participant.

This child is such a blessing in our lives. She is so loving. So trusting. And so pure. I can’t get enough of her. I never imagined that I could say that I was a patient person but God gave me that gift when He gave us Charlotte. She might be what some would consider a little… erm.. high maintenance but she’s so worth it. I know she will always be close to us.

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