“I love you, Boy”

She has not yet said it on her own to either of us, but we have heard Cameron saying to Picco, “I love you, Boy.” Several times in fact. It’s cute. She really does love him. They play with each other and annoy each other just like brothers and sisters.

He growled and nibbled at her last week because she got too rough with him. I told her to give him a break because he was mad and she was so sad! For the next several days she was asking him if he was mad and saying sorry to him.

So tonight, after kissing him goodnight, she climbed into bed and went to sleep. A little while later we checked on her and noticed that Boy had snuggled up so sweetly with her.

(By the way….This “skin and bones” look is normal for young Italian Greyhounds. He’s actually very very healthy.┬áHe just had a great checkup with our vet 2 weeks ago. She said he’s perfect.)

I can’t wait to show these to her tomorrow. She will be so happy to see her little buddy forgave her.

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