Spring is here!

The grass is finally turning green and the sun is out! And little Charlotte is getting bigger now and got to play outside for the very first time!

This was her first feel of the grass.

Those were some busy hands!

And this girl is always so excited to have any reason to play outside.

Oh hi, pretty girl!

Somersaults in the grass after chasing Boy all over the backyard!

Daddy’s Big Helper is her new title. Brian’s been doing a ton of yard work lately and she’s his little follower and helper. It’s so neat to see this side of her. A year ago this time she could walk but going outside meant she would run in a random direction just to do it. She’s very task oriented now and loves to ask questions and learn about everything. And stay right by his side.


Our very first wagon ride with both girls!!!

This is going to be a great year!

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