Daddy’s Birthday At The Zoo!

March 4th was Brian’s birthday! We were so lucky that he took a few days off of work so that we could celebrate with good old fashioned family time. The girls and I were thrilled. We’re so lucky to have him.

One of the things we decided to do was take a trip to the zoo! We have a membership there but don’t get to go that often, especially since the little one was born. One of Cameron’s favorite books is called “At The Zoo” and she’s been asking to go for months now. She is very interested in animals these days. She will look at an animal book, point to an animal and say “This one, mommy?” and then I tell her what it is and she repeats it. The impressive part is that she remembers it. And she is very clear about what animals she likes and doesn’t like. She does NOT like snakes, spiders, ants or crocodiles. But she’s fascinated by them. She’s fearful but so interested. So it was no surprise that the first things she wanted to see at the zoo was the crocodile.

Several days prior to going we started talking about going to the zoo for Daddy’s birthday party. The day of she was very excited and so well-behaved. We packed our bags and lunches and took off for Houston.

Little Miss ready to go!

Charlotte was kind enough to nap on the long ride in so she was in a great mood upon arrival and that made for a great trip.

I have to tell you, the zoo is so much more fun as a parent. Brian and I had a blast watching Cameron’s face light up seeing the animals we have been talking about in person. We let her guide our visit by telling us what she wanted to see next. So as I mentioned, her first request was the crocodiles. The Reptile House. ICK! We were totally creeped out by the snakes, lizards and crocs but she loved it. She doesn’t like them at all but she was so into getting an up close look at them.

This guy didn’t move a muscle the whole time we were there.

So after she got her creepy reptile fix, we headed to the elephants.

Happy girl holding daddy’s hand.

The zoo opened the new elephant home in the last few months. It was so spacious and impressive.

For the first time ever, Cameron posed for me! haha. I said, “Hey Cam! Run over to that fence and smile so mommy can take your picture with the elephants!” And she did. How cute is this?

My other little love was so content. We fed her while watching the elephants and giving Cam a small snack and then moved on. Charlotte loves to be carried, as I’ve probably mentioned before. She loves to be “worn” too, which is convenient for me. Her favorite right now is the Baby Bjorn because she can see what’s going on while being safe and attached to mommy. She spent the whole zoo trip in it, awake and without even a hint of a fuss. Dr. Sears says babies learn best when they are in a state of quiet alertness like this. I was thrilled she got to take it all in so peacefully. She could actually see the animals instead of being in the stroller with her view blocked the whole time.

Hanging out. (The Baby Bjorn is nommy to chew on too, apparently.)

Next we made our way to see the lions. There were three females and one male, Jonathan.

Cameron really liked watching the three female pounce and play with each other while the “daddy lion” slept the whole time. (ha!)

We saw the giraffes and then the chimpanzees (who were sleeping) and by this time a couple hours had passed and Cameron was getting worn out. She insisted on walking the whole time. Brian offered many times to carry her but little miss independent wouldn’t have it.

Birthday boy & Cam

(Not a real giraffe) So happy to get a picture with my little loves.


Cam in front of the zebra area. More smiles!

I love this! Cameron getting a better view of those zebras.

It ended up being a great trip and a great birthday “party” for Brian. Next stop will hopefully be SeaWorld. Cam really wants to go see dolphins, one of her favorite animals. I think they have sea lions there too which she also loves. It’s not surprising, given her love of water. 🙂

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