I have several videos that I have been meaning to share.

We have a lot of those moments that I’m sure every parent has where your kid does something super cute or special and you want it on video to remember forever. I never want to forget the precious sound of Cameron’s singing voice, or the way she skips the number 4 when she counts, or how absolutely adorable she is when she gets distracted by things. And Charlotte’s coos, gurgles and laughs… how quickly children grow and change.

This first video I meant to post months ago. It’s a short clip from Kelly & Jenna’s wedding around Thanksgiving. Cameron was all over the dance floor and her favorite dance partner was definitely Grandpa. This sight is something I never EVER want to forget.


The next video is a “Thank You” video we made for my friend Kelly. She got Cameron an Elephant game for Christmas. I was trying to get her to say thank you for it and talk about it but she got distracted by Charlotte (who was sitting in my lap while I was filming) when she let out a wet burp with lots of spit up. She might be hard to understand for many but she’s saying, “Char Char spit up!” and then “Char Char eat it!!” I tried to keep Cameron on track but it was hopeless. The kid is funny about spit-up.


The next video is another one I never want to forget. My grandpa, Pappy, tickling my sweet baby. He’s done this same tickling for as long as I can remember. It was priceless to see Charlotte respond to it like she did.


This next video is kinda boring to watch but makes me laugh. Believe it or not, this was Cameron’s first carwash. I wanted to record it to see her expressions. We had watched an episode of Caillou earlier that day where Caillou and his baby sister went through the carwash with their daddy. She was curious about it so I figured we’d make an outing out of it. I love how big her eyes get when she tries to process what the heck is going on.


One of the new things Cameron has been doing is tending to her baby sister when she cries. She tries to occupy her, sing to her, reassure her and even kisses her. Last week we heard her say again, “It’s okay Char Char, I’m right here.” It was SO stinking cute and I wish I would have had my phone recording at that moment. But I didn’t, so this was my attempt to get her to do it again…


And here’s a recent video of Cameron counting and singing… and getting distracted by cheering for herself! I love it! And yes, those are tears in her eyes. Moments earlier she had jumped off her chair and landed on her bottom. Poor baby. She got over it quickly. 🙂


This one is of Cameron playing with her puzzles and naming all the animals. This is easily one of my favorite videos of her ever. She’s very much in an animal phase right now. She wants to know the names of them all! Puzzles are so fun!


And here’s one of Charlotte now that she’s feeling better. Kicking and playing under her little play gym thingy. 🙂


And about Charlotte.. she’s feeling so much better. Her urine culture didn’t grow any bacteria but her doctor still thinks she had a UTI because of how many white and red blood cells were in her urine and her corresponding blood work and fever. Apparently not all bacteria from urine will grow out in a culture dish and we could have caught it in the early stages. His thoughts are it started with a virus 3 weeks ago that ended up with a secondary UTI by the time her fevers started getting high this time last week. He wants us to continue the antibiotic and then have her back to the office so they can recheck her urine in 2 weeks. I hate that we will have to do that again!!! I guess at that time we’ll discuss whether or not she needs to be seen by a urologist for further testing. Thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers for my sweet baby. We really appreciate it. 🙂

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