More from Valentine’s Day

We had the girls pictures taken in a Valentine’s Mini Session with a friend of mine who is also a professional photographer. She had a cute little set up and it could have been a lot of fun if I would have thought about what I was doing before I scheduled us late afternoon. My reasoning was that the later we scheduled the greater the chance of us actually arriving on time. I completely forgot to take into account their usual meltdown time. They were tired, hungry and just not in the mood to show off exactly how cute they are. It was my fault.

But we did get a couple that I really like.

As usual, the girl who is full of smiles off camera strikes her serious on-camera pose.

I like this one. 🙂

I realized once we got there that I forgot Charlotte’s diaper cover! *sigh* I was so tired. I was running on just a few hours sleep after a weekend of work.

And one more thing..

I was so excited to get my very first picture of both of my children with at least one of them smiling yesterday. It’s not an easy task as many parents know. Especially for parents of headstrong camera shy toddlers. Charlotte was sick and fussy for the process but it turned out decent and I was pleased. But.. I can’t help but laugh and feel the need to post some of the pictures that didn’t make the cut.

The first is my favorite. It describes our Valentine’s day perfectly.

The rest are cute. It’s nice to see my goofy girl Cam hamming it up on camera for a change.

And in case anyone is wondering, Charlotte is feeling MUCH better today. Thank you, God! She started out the day with just a low grade fever that broke before noon. I swear she grew over night. For the first time ever, she’s been laughing to herself! She’s been cooing and talking a lot more too. I think she’s starting to feel like herself again. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll know whether or not her cultures came back positive to see if it was truly a UTI or just another virus. Thanks to those of you who have been thinking and praying for her.

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