Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had an extra special day this year loving on our two precious valentines.

(amazing what you can get Cameron to do with a little Lucky Charms bribery)

And an update on my Char Char: We went back to the pediatrician today since she was still running a fever this morning. I called him with the updates of last night and this morning and he decided he wanted us to come back in. He had said yesterday he wanted to check her for a UTI but didn’t want to put her through the trauma of collecting the specimen until he thought it was absolutely necessary. ¬†They have to use a catheter to collect a specimen on babies and that was very traumatic for her but thankfully she will not remember it. Her urine was cloudy and had white and red blood cells in it so he’s suspecting UTI but we will not know for sure until the culture comes back in a day or two. Until then, we’re treating her with antibiotics. He said it could be a virus that’s going around where the child has 3 days of fever and then a rash on the whole body. He hopes that’s the case because protocol for a baby Charlotte’s age with a UTI is a renal ultrasound and other testing to rule out reflux. So we hope we don’t have to go through all that but we want her well so whatever is necessary we’ll do.


  1. Cynthia Lonsbary February 14, 2012

    We’re thinking of you guys. I hope you hear back from the Doc soon and that Char is okay. HUGS!
    Cindy and Andrew.

  2. Becca February 15, 2012

    Thanks guys!

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