We spoke too soon…

I spoke too soon when I said we were all better over here. Charlotte can’t seem to get rid of whatever she’s caught. She’s had recurrent fever with no other symptoms over the last 2 weeks, reaching the highest yesterday at nearly 103. It lasts a few days then she’s fine for a few days then it come back and so on. We went to the doctor today and had blood work done, got a few puzzling (but not ominous) results and no real answers. He kept commenting on how good she looks and acts despite being sick. Today her highest was 101. The doctor said he wanted us to come back for more testing if it persisted and it looks like we may be headed that way. I absolutely hate not knowing what’s wrong with my baby. She’s still in good spirits, though, and only has difficulties sleeping when her fever is high.

Cameron remains well, thankfully, and is being a good big sister for her sick Char Char. She had her Valentine’s day party at school today. When she got home, Brian & I gave the girls their Valentine’s Day gifts. A princess doll for Cameron and a red ball for Charlotte. Both loved their gifts.

Charlotte’s new ball!

(It was a monkey hat mood kind of day)

Princess Rapunzel

My sweet girls. The lights of my life.

Please say a little prayer for my baby if you have a moment. It’s probably just a minor illness but I can’t help but worry about her. We are so in love with her. Cameron was never sick as an infant so this is all new to us. We have faith that God will protect our girls and keep them safe. It’s just so hard to not know what’s going on and wonder if it’s something serious.

Thank you. <3

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