She Will Be Missed

Shelly Ann

October 24, 1997 – May 25, 2010

Early Tuesday, the family received some very sad and unexpected news. The faithful and very spunky border collie, Shelly, had an incurable cancerous tumor and needed to be put to sleep. Though the tumor was slow growing, Shelly’s symptoms came on very suddenly and the decision needed to be made quickly.

Shelly was the dog that Brian got when he was in high school. She was, as Brian called, the perfect dog. Full of life and energy all hours of the day. She loved everybody except the mail man. She was everybody’s buddy. When Brian took his Senior Pictures in high school, he brought Shelly and had her join him for the photo shoot.

Shelly loved to fetch, play frisbee and go for walks. She also loved to play indoors and steal towels and socks and hide them. Before Brian and I got married, we spent a lot of time at his mom’s house. Brian had a fish tank in his room that Shelly loved and became “border collie obsessed” with. Even a few weeks ago,  we asked Shelly where the “fishies” were and she went crazy.

Shelly was a great watch dog. She loved her back yard. A few years ago, there was a very large aviary in his mom’s backyard that was full of finches. Shelly would run circles around the aviary and back yard all day if she could. It was her job. She did not like squirrels or cats and ensured that they did not touch her precious territory.

After Brian and I got married, we got an apartment together. We knew it wouldn’t be in Shelly’s best interest to take her from her back yard. She was so happy at her house and was very close to Brian’s other family members as well. When visitors came over, Shelly’s job was to show them how good she is at playing fetch. This is the look you would get when Shelly saw you were home for a visit.

C’mon let me out so I can show you how great I am!

“Ok, here’s a toy! Now throw it for me!”

And she was great at getting whatever you threw for her! Lightning fast and incredibly agile, she would do this 24 hrs a day if she had a choice. When Brian got Shelly while we were in high school it made me want a dog of my own too. A few months later, I got my sweet boy Max. Max and Shelly got along great. Here are some other great pictures and memories of Shelly.

About a year after Brian and I got married, he missed having a border collie with him so much that we got Bayley. Bayley looked up to Shelly like she was her older sister or mommy. At one point in time, Brian and I both worked 10 hour days so Bayley would go to his mom’s house for “day camp”. She had so much fun there with her grandma and older doggie friends that she still gets so excited to go.

When Hurricane Rita had Houston in her sights, the family and pets evacuated to Marble Falls, TX and stayed at Mark’s parent’s lake house. Bayley was about 3 months old at this time and got to play with Shelly. Shelly spent her days jumping into the lake after a tennis ball and being a good dog off leash. It was here that Bayley learned to stay near by without a leash.

Teaching Bayley her boundaries like a good big sister should.

Even on her last day, Brian’s mom brought her home after her diagnosis so that everyone could say goodbye and she still wanted to play. A true border collie. Everybody got to say goodbye to her which was nice. These are pictures of her last day. She will be missed. We are thankful she went in a peaceful way without much pain or suffering.

I LOVE this picture. Shelly was so loved by Brian’s grandparents. They went over every day to let her out at lunch time and played with her. She adored them.

Cam Cam got to say goodbye too.

Rest in peace, Shelly Bell. You’re a good girl.

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