Charlotte’s First Rice Cereal

We decided to see how Charlotte liked a taste of “solids” on January 17th.

We are probably a bit early in attempting it but my curiosity was fueled by her constant flow of spit up and still slow weight gain.

And after attempting it, I’m pretty sure we should wait another few weeks to a month before making it a part of our everyday routine. She’s still a bit young.

But it was her “first” so we still took pictures and video and I’ve decided to share.

Please, and I do mean pretty please, make sure your volume is not too loud before viewing this video. Our “helper” decides to let out a dramatic little girl shrill at the start of the video. Also, apologies for all the movement in the video. If only I had another pair of hands.


It was a very big deal to Cameron to be involved in this.

She really loved getting to feed her.

And making random “yuck!” comments.

She insisted on trying the cereal (before the video) and had us cracking up because she was gagging after tasting it.

I’m sure she’s going to want a taste of Charlotte’s foods every time to make sure she’s not missing anything. Goofball. Can’t wait until she tries strained peas.

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