Cameron’s Baptism

Last weekend was a very special one for our family.  Our sweet Cameron was baptized. She was baptized in the same church that Brian was baptized in when he was a baby, Pilgrim Lutheran. It was so nice to have our families together to celebrate this special day and show support for our promise to raise Cameron as a Christian.

My Aunt Gaye and Uncle Dave drove from Dallas for the occasion with their adorable little boy, Jackson. He is 3 now and was so excited to be able to see Cameron. She enjoyed having a little one closer to her age around! We had dinner with them the night before which was lots of fun.

His favorite thing to do was go up to her and blow on her legs and tummy. She loved it!

Cameron and her Mimi.

Since becoming parents, Brian and I have noticed that it’s a lot harder to be on time for things. We both had this fear of waking up late and missing the baptism so we left extra early so that we could have plenty of time for Cameron to get dressed and eat or play to prevent fussiness. We waited until we were at the church to actually put her dress on because she likes to surprise us with spit ups. Here are some pics we snapped of her before church. She’s really starting to discover she can make funny faces and especially do funny things with her tongue.

This is my favorite new face.

Cameron sat like a big girl through the whole church service. She was so tired poor baby and finally fell asleep in her daddy’s arms during the sermon. After the sermon was her baptism. Our sponsors were Taylor and Forrest and Emily & Mark. Unfortunately Emily & Mark couldn’t make it but their hearts were with us. Brian’s grandpa is one of the elders at the church and he was our elder during the baptism. That was very special.

She’s such a blessing in our lives.

Smiling at the pastor.

Us and all the great-grandparents (except Brian’s grandmother not pictured)

Little doll.

Love her little chunky legs now.

After the baptism there was a little party that my grandparents, Mor & Pappy, threw for Cameron. It was so much fun to get to visit with all the relatives we don’t get to see very often. The food was great! Cameron had a blast (so long as we remembered to feed her and keep her as the center of attention) but she quickly tuckered out and slept the whole drive home.

Cameron and her Aunt Debbie. She’s excited!

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