Charlotte is 3 months!

Charlotte turned 3 months old Friday!

And now the fun begins!

Her official 3 month weight?

10 lbs 8 ounces

She’s not a very big girl but she’s full of life and full of love.

How’s she sleeping?

Fabulous. She goes to bed at 9:30-10 pm and sleeps until 6:00 am, nurses for a few minutes and the back to sleep for about 2-3 hours…depending on if big sister lets her sleep or not. She also naps throughout the day.


All the time. Every 2-3 hrs during the day and sometimes snacks in between. She is still exclusively breastfed.

She refuses pacifiers and bottles from me, though she will take the bottle from Brian- thank goodness.

She still likes to be swaddled (just not too tight) and tucked in to sleep.

When she falls asleep while being held, it’s usually with one arm over her eyes or ears.

She smiles all the time, loves to be talked to and even coos back.

She does NOT like:

– being cold

– bath time

– wet or dirty diaper

– mommy going to work

– being put down while awake

She is perfectly content to be held (facing out) all day, and she has no problem making that clear. 🙂

She makes me feel so loved. She is a mommy’s girl. She doesn’t like me to be far away.

Since going back to work, she’s made Brian work hard to keep her happy & content. But in the 3 weeks I’ve been back we’ve already seen a huge change in how comfortable she is with him. She loves him and he makes her feel safe. While my work schedule does make it hard on both of us, it leads to the girls developing a bond with their dad that many children don’t get. It’s hard at first but when Charlotte is a little older, the three of them are gonna have a blast while mommy is at work.

Daddy & Charlotte playing Star Wars.

Milestones this month:

– Rolled over from tummy to back (12/23/11)

– She got her first cold (12/19/11)

– first laugh (at about 10-11 weeks)

She’s also starting to like to put some weight on her feet when being held (like standing in your lap).

And she gets better at holding her head up every day. Tummy time strength is usually very good if she’s recently fed and not to sleepy.

She  still has a good amount of hair. A tuft of dark brown in the very front and very back. In between is thin but still definitely brown.

Her eyes are still blue but dark and starting to look blue/green/brown. We can’t wait to see what color they will be.

Lots of hand in mouth action in the last month.

And toothless grins.

And Christmas dresses. Yes we have lots after two winter babies.

But we love Christmas outfits so it’s perfect!

Dainty little girl.

We’re getting lots more kicks while she’s on her back. She likes to look at lights and toys and kick in excitement.

She really loves her big sister. And grins whenever she sees her. She watches every move she makes.

Hard to believe our littlest is already 3 months. Seems like she just got here.

We love her dearly. Our sweet baby Charlotte.

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