Cameron’s Party

Cameron’s 2nd birthday party was 12-10-11.

She had such a great time.

We let her pick the theme. One day I had her sit me while we looked at themes online. There were several that she recognized and liked such as Caillou, Barney, Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street, Minnie Mouse, farm animals, Disney Princesses etc,  but ultimately she picked the sock monkey (ever so affectionately referred to as EE in our household) theme.

This was no surprise considering her attachment to her “EEs”.

These two are her favorites. She likes them close at all times.

We used a picture like this for her invitation.

Her uncle Forrest is to credit for making her smile. She certainly wont do it for me when I have a camera in front of her. Silly kid.

This year’s party had a strict (and very small) budget so we had the party at our house again and invited mostly family guests and a couple close friends.

I saw some ideas on Pinterest for her cake and decorations. It is seriously the greatest website ever and you should definitely check it out.

The whole party went by so fast and we were in such a rush decorating that I didn’t get any pictures that are really any good but here’s one.

Instead of doing balloons with helium, you just hang them upside down from the ceiling. After doing it, I really prefer this look over helium balloons. With the whole room decorated it gave a neat effect.

We also decided to bake her cake ourselves instead of buying one. We got the recipe also from Pinterest.

This was my inspiration.

Here’s the link to the blog responsible for this beauty.

Yes that’s cookie dough between the layers. It looked amazing. Mine, not so much but it’s the thought that counts right? I actually did a practice cake first with cookies on top just like the one pictured but decided to do just chocolate chips on top for her party cake and did cookies as party favors.

The cake tasted pretty good. The frosting turned out nice. It was honestly the first cake I’ve ever made that didn’t come from a box mix and the first time I’ve ever made frosting too…Oh and cookies from scratch.  Sad, right? But the good news is I actually loved every minute and challenge of baking it and can’t wait to do more baking in the future. It felt so good to actually make something for my kid. And it felt even better to watch her eat it like it was going out of style. 😉

So in addition to cake, we had pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza, right? And my amazing parents made their “world famous” greek salad. So delicious!

Cameron & pink EE enjoying their pizza.

My big birthday girl & me. Yep, still not a fan of cameras can you tell?

And we can’t forget little sister who was so well-behaved and let Cameron get all of the attention that day. She just “hung out”.

Cameron playing with Uncle FD’s hat.

Here are a few pictures of some of the friends and family who came to help celebrate.

Cameron’s friends (and kiddos to long time friends of ours): Kaitlyn, Jillian & Kennedy

My beautiful grandmother holding Charlotte. She’s got the touch!

Grandpa helping keep Picco warm. Poor little boy was so nervous (and cold) with all the people in the house. Glad he found a safe spot!

Aunt Emily keeping Charlotte happy!

The Newlyweds, Kelly & Jenna, just back from the bahamas.

After lots of visiting and eating, everyone settled down to watch Cameron open presents. She got lots of help from her friends. And it was a good thing. Two year olds love the gifts they get and sometimes too much. She kept getting side tracked from previous gifts and didn’t want to move on to open more. It might have taken 10 years to open them all if she didn’t have the experts there to help.

“Big hug!”

Olivia! Or as Cameron woud say, “O-ya-ee-ya”

The vacuum. Oh boy. This one was a huge hit. More about this later.

So cute!

After getting tons of awesome presents, it was time for cake!




Shy girl.


Time to eat!!

There’s a smile!

And then it was play time!!

All of the kiddos went upstairs to release some of the energy the food and sweets gave them. They had a blast.

Some things don’t change in a year. And Cameron’s love for balloons is one of them.

Ok this is just too cute, right? Can you believe they make real digital cameras for kids these days??

Oh the vacuum. Let me tell you. Cameron has a slight fear of our vacuums. It’s the kind of fear where when we open to door to the vacuum closet she runs and jumps on the couch to get out of the way, but keeps it in sight because she’s still very interested in it. And when it’s off and she feels it’s safe, she goes up to it and inspects it more closely. She even asks for it to come out when she sees a mess on the floor. Until last week, she’s been calling them “Vacs”.

Her Aunt Joanie got her a vacuum of her very own. It plays classical music or vacuum noise and Cameron plays with it all the time. She LOVES it. She takes it very seriously, her vacuuming. You can tell because her tongue is out. Thank you SO much, Joanie!

Here’s a picture from several days later. Still vacuuming. She’s a busy two year old.

So there you have it! Her party was a success. She’s a happy 2 year old.

Thank you to everyone who came and made it a special day for her.

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