Cameron’s School Christmas Program

Lucky girl got to have a Christmas program (her very first!!) and a Christmas party on her birthday!!!

We were SO SO SO excited to get the opportunity to go watch her class in action. Her teachers have been telling us all about it for weeks now.

This is a video of the whole 12 minute program. Cameron is on the left hand side of the stage with a solid red dress, black tights and pig tails.

She pretty much does her own little thing the whole time. Ok she chimed in every now and then when she felt like it. 🙂  I couldn’t help but giggle at how cute all the little toddlers were in their theatrical debut. You’ll see in the video, one little girl was clearly not happy about it. At one point several get distracted by the trees and have to be redirected back to their seats. That’s part of what makes being 2 years old so adorable. You never know what to expect.


If you want to watch it full screen, here is the link to it on YouTube.

And here are some pictures from her program and the party that followed.

Tongue out. She’s focused.

Her whole class. Are they cute or what??

Shake Shake Shake

Distracted lol

Love that profile!

“Where are the jingle bells? Where are the jingle bells?”

(They’re hiding)

“Here I am! Here I am.”

Action shot!

Performing on stage is hard work! Gulping the capri sun at her class party!

She got to wear the birthday hat!!! She was so shy when they sang to her and hid her eyes under the hat.

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