Charlotte is 2 months!

Our sweet baby is 2 months old!

She had her 2 month appointment with the pediatrician and received all her immunizations.

Her official weight: 9 lbs 11.5 ounces

Height: 22 inches

Right now she’s around 20-25th percentile for both. Her doctor was pleased with this as she is growing well and following her growth pattern consistently.

At the doctor.. pre-shots.

She did as well as any baby can do getting her shots. I was worried about this round because when Cameron received her 2 month immunizations she had a really rough day following the appointment. Charlotte’s appointment was in the morning so after eating and then lots of crying from the pokes, she went to sleep and slept for about 4 hours straight. She woke up after that for a brief feeding and then back to sleep. I was pleased at this point, thinking we were going to get by without any pain or fussiness, but around 3 pm it started. This is the part that breaks my heart. The poor baby was so sore and would cry with any movement. We got through it though and with a warm bath later that day and extra snuggle time with mommy she was just fine by the next day. Though her pain is gone, some of the fussiness has stayed but we have had a lot of very busy days since that and I think she’s just tired and out of her routine.

She started sleeping though the night in the last month! Around November 17th. She was about 7 weeks old.

She goes to bed around 9 pm after a bath and final feeding and sleeps anywhere from 7-9 hours straight. Then she wakes up for a brief feeding and goes back to bed for another couple of hours (usually). Sometimes Cameron is up by this point and she likes to make sure her sister is awake too.

She still likes to be swaddled to sleep as long as she can keep her arms in front of her body and under her face/chin.

She does take a few naps during the day but depending on the day and if Cameron is at school or not, they vary in length. She naps best in her carseat while driving.

In the last week or so she has started to get VERY picky about where she naps. She does not like to be put down. She does best if I hold her. If at any point I put her down and she realizes that I am not right there she immediately wakes up and screams.

Picco & Charlotte snuggled up for a nap on me.

As much as I love this about Charlotte, it does make it hard for me to do anything around the house. It is even harder when Cameron is home and wants to play. I don’t know what else to do though, I refuse to let my little angel scream herself to sleep at just 2 months old. It’s not possible to spoil a baby at this age.

Some days she doesn’t get much sleep. You would think that being in a loud house with a very vocal toddler around at all times would condition her to sleep through anything. Not the case for her, though, not yet at least. Poor baby is exhausted and therefore quite fussy some evenings because of this.

But even still she has lots of happy awake times. She loves to smile and interact. She enjoys looking at brightly colored toys and following faces. She loves to be talked to. She’s loves attention.

My little angel.

Here’s a video of Charlotte & Cameron. Pretty cute.


Here’s another one of Charlotte being cute and playful.


It’s hard to tell in most pictures, but Charlotte’s eyes are still dark blue. They are not as blue as they were though. We think they’re in the process of changing to brown.

She still has plenty of hair. She hasn’t lost much at all. And it’s still brown! Hard to tell too much at just 2 months old but it looks like she’s going to be taking after her daddy with dark hair & eyes and the same skin tone too.

She’s working very hard at getting good head and neck control. Tummy time is no fun when she’s on her tummy completely but she likes to be propped up on people’s chests and pillows and then lift her head.

She’s also got much better control over her eyes and focusing. They are not crossing nearly as much as they used to. I can tell she can see things at a distance now too. She thinks ceiling fans are very funny,

Charlotte is still not a fan of baths, being wet, or being cold. At all.

The warmer the better.

She’s still exclusively breastfed but does take a bottle without any problems if she needs to.

The bond is growing.

And Cameron still hates looking at the camera.

Cameron loves her baby sister. She doesn’t like when she cries. She loves to push her in the swing, put hats and blankets on her (we have to watch this very closely) and bring toys for her. She also is very intrigued with diaper changes. The jealousy issues are not occurring every day anymore. When they occur they are rough for both Cam & Charlotte but I know they both will get through it in time.

Charlotte likes to watch Cameron. She smiles at her when she’s nearby. I know her admiration for her big sister will only grow as she grows.

All pretty in pink.

Watching the mobile in her crib. A favorite pastime.

She’s starting to make some noises, gurgling and coos. And the beginning of some laughs! I love this part.

How sweet is this?

Playing on daddy’s lap.

We have so much to be thankful for. Our girls are healthy and happy and so are we. We are so blessed to be able to share them with our family and friends.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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