Cameron is 23 months!

23 months.

There is no denying we have an almost 2 year old in the house.

And there’s no denying that this age is tons of fun but also tons of work.

Since she’s our first, we have gone through the last 23 months not knowing what to expect. Each month brings us great joy as we witness her changes and watch her learn and grow. We have been thrilled watching each milestone that she reaches. And we are thankful that she is meeting them right when she’s supposed to.

We have also been tested like never before. We are baffled and confused at what our next move should be when she presents a situation to us that we’ve never before encountered. We are learning that she is growing as an individual and therefore needs to practice independence and test her boundaries. We understand how normal this is and how essential it is to her development, but at the same time we want her to grow up respecting us and not walking all over us. With that said, if anyone has any book recommendations for raising a strong willed girl child, please send them my way.

The difference between 22 and 23 months has been huge for Cameron. I’m not sure if it’s because of Charlotte, school, a combination of both or if it was just destined to happen at this time.

 I would say one of the biggest changes that we’ve seen is that she’s grown! It seems like she’s been in size 12-18 month clothing forever! We are proud to report that she’s wearing size 24 month /2T clothing now!! Way to be right on target kiddo! 🙂

Not that it gets very cold here, but we actually made a trip to the store this week to buy Cameron some “winter” clothes (long sleeved t-shirts). She is now very interested in what she wears. She likes choices. I let her pick out most of the clothes we bought which she loved. This also makes it much easier when getting her dressed in the mornings because she enjoys wearing them. The only problem is that her favorite pair of shoes is an old pair of green and brown camouflage crocs. And they match nothing. But what fun is a toddler that matches and has her shoes on the right feet anyway?

She’s grown about 1/2 inch in the last month which puts her at almost 34 inches. In the last 3 months she’s grown 2 inches. It’s definitely noticeable.

She weighs 24.5 lbs according to our scale.

She just looks older to me now. Her face is changing and she doesn’t look as baby-ish. She has long dirty blonde hair which is making her look older too. It’s sad to say good-bye to her years of being an infant and 1 year old but we are really looking forward to what’s ahead.

Well, we’re looking forward to everything except dating and driving that is…

She is repeating everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, we say. She’s spitting out 3-4 word sentences left and right. She’s got an incredible memory too. It’s still so surreal and frankly sometimes hard to accept that she actually understands us, thinks, and remembers things now. While she’s probably very normal in her cognitive abilities, it impresses us time and time again. And we love nothing more than to call family and brag about her latest feat. I guess that’s what first time parents do.

She’s entered the “I love to sing” stage and enjoys making up her own little songs and singing to herself while playing. She also loves when we sing songs with her, especially if there’s funny faces and hand motions to go with it. Her current favorites are: The Froggy Song, Wheels on the Bus, and Jingle Bells. When she sings Jingle Bells she says, “Ding Ding Bells, Ding Ding Bells.”

Cameron can say her name now.. well sorta. She calls herself “tan tan.” And she loves to refer to herself in third person.

Now that she’s talking more she’s starting to say more and more funny things. She loves routine and enjoys making sure the rest of us stick to it. Every morning, she’s the first to wake up. Typically Charlotte will wake up soon after because Cameron is not exactly quiet first thing in the morning. She will say, “Char Char wake up! Char Char change! Char Char poo poo in pants!” And then when Brian starts to stir and needs to get up to shower she reminds him “Dada shower. Dada work! Bye bye Dada.” It’s so funny because she follows him around with shoes reminding him to put them on and if he doesn’t shower first she will keep saying “Dada shower!” until he does. And then when he comes in for breakfast she reminds him to eat. This is her routine.  Anytime she does something she knows she’s not supposed to she looks at one of us for a reaction. If we give her the “eye” or tell her she’s not supposed to do that she says “Mama sad! Hug! Sorry Mama!” with huge brown puppy dog eyes and a hug. It’s so cute that it makes it difficult to be mad at her. She knows she’s not supposed to dump out the dogs’ water bowl so of course she does it all the time. And when she does she says “Cam Cam (tan tan) make mess! Dada sad! Sorry Dada” and then proceeds to dump it out.

For the first time we are seeing Cameron have fears. She’s afraid of the dark and she’s afraid of the coffee maker. She’s so sweet when I make coffee in the mornings. I know she’s uncomfortable, but she doesn’t cry she just keeps saying “bye bye coffee” over and over. I think it’s the noise she doesn’t like. She’s also now extremely afraid of lawn mowers. We had an incident when I was at the park with her. She ran about 20 feet out from me and wasn’t listening to me when I told her to come back. Then a huge riding lawn mower started on the same path as her. She realized it and froze in fear for a second and then panic. She was so scared it broke my heart. I ran to her and picked her up to comfort her. Poor thing was shaking. And ever since then she freezes when she hears a lawn being mowed. She’s also behaving herself when in public now thanks to a small fear of strangers. It’s so nice that she holds my hand and stays close in the stores now that we have Charlotte to look after too. Prior to Charlotte’s arrival, she pitched a fit when put in a buggy or stroller and wanted to run all over any store.

First cold front. Cameron running circles on the back porch.

Cameron is enjoying the weather now that it’s cooling off. She loves to go outside first thing in the morning with Picco and see how cold and windy it is. What she loves even more is doing this with no clothes on. Yes, she strips down to nothing and goes out on the back porch. I can hardly stand to be out there with clothes on. I don’t know how she does it. This girl loves to be outside.

We have been having to make some minor changes to our routine in order to keep Cam a happy camper. She enjoys watching Charlotte get a bath but one night insisted she wanted to take a bath in the baby tub too even though she has just taken a bath 10 minutes before in her own tub. We couldn’t resist the photo opportunity of our huge toddler girl in this tiny baby tub. She enjoyed every minute of it. I’m pretty sure it made her night.

Cameron is still sleeping well. She goes to bed around 7-7:30 pm and sleeps until around 7 am. She’s sleeping in bed with us still. I have to admit I really enjoy when she cuddles up next to us in the middle of the night.  She really loves to snuggle with Brian and sometimes uses him as a pillow. And I know he loves it. It’s the cutest thing ever to hear her talk in her sleep. The other night she was counting. She said, “eight nine eight nine eight.” (We are still working on counting). The time change has been difficult for Cameron. She typically gets tired very early and wants to wake up very early. But now that we’re almost 2 weeks out she’s at least making it to 7 am most mornings. She’s still taking 1 nap a day for usually 1-2 hours.

She loves to go to bed. She brings all her essentials. As you can see, she ran out of hands but wanted to make sure her EE came along.

First one up at the crack of dawn. Making sure to wake Charlotte too. Wake up mama!!

Here’s a video of a very sleepy girl falling asleep in the car.


Cameron has made major improvements in both her fine and gross motor skills. She’s become very efficient at using a fork and spoon to eat. She is really enjoying doing things like puzzles and stacking blocks and playing with toys now. A few months ago she would get very frustrated with her wooden puzzles because she knew where the pieces went but couldn’t get them turned the right way all the time to make them fit. Now she does them faster than I can. She also loves to write and draw. She can draw circles and lines. Here’s a video of Cameron and Brian stacking blocks one night before bed. She thinks the best part of stacking is to be able to knock them down.


 One of our favorite things to do is take Cameron to Toys R Us and let her look at and play with the toys. It allows her to burn some energy and it gets us out of the house. Since she’s well behaved in stores now it works out to be a usually stress free trip. She likes to try out the bikes and check out all that she can get her hands on. And it gives me an idea as to what to get her for her birthday/Christmas.

Cameron found a sock monkey that was almost as big as her.

But her favorite thing in the store, and the cause of the only tantrum we’ve had so far in there was the baby doll stroller she found.


We got an early start on putting up our Christmas tree this year.

And quickly found out that we probably should have waited. Cameron enjoys removing ornaments from the tree and putting them back… and this usually means they will be falling to the ground again. We moved all of the breakable ones out of reach and let her decorate some non-breakable ones that she could put on the tree. This helped and thankfully now that it’s not as new she leaves it alone for the most part. We had to take the stockings off of the fire place because they are reachable for her and she could easily pull on one and bring the stocking holder down with it and right on top of her. And ours are heavy bulky holders. It’s an ER visit just waiting to happen.

Potty training. Well we’re still not there though we’re getting to the point where I want to actually approach it with 100% effort. Cameron is a nudist. She knows how to remove all of her clothing and her diaper and has no problem using our floor as a potty. She’s fully aware that she’s doing it and will even announce it shortly before it happens. I know she just needs consistency that we haven’t been able to give to her yet.

What’s going on in the picture below, you ask? Well the eye mask around her waist was intended for a bump or scrape she obtained a few minutes prior. She likes to use that and frozen teething rings instead of ice packs. This one ended up around her waist. A new fashion statement apparently. But this little girl decided to go outside, drop her pants and poop. Just like the dogs. A member of the pack.

She’s still doing great in school. We had a conference with her teacher and she had nothing but great things to say. She said she’s very mature for her age and knows their routine. They referred to her as their “rock star” and said her favorite things to do are play outside and on the slide. They said she gets along with her peers and follows directions well. We are so happy she’s doing well and learning so much! And we love that her teachers love her. It makes it easy to send her there knowing she’s in good hands.

 For the first time ever, Cameron got to experience donuts a few weeks ago. She loved it! I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love donuts. She went into a frenzy shortly after and was running around 90 mph for a while then crashed. It was pretty funny, actually, and at the same time made me feel for those parents who deal with extremely hyper children on a daily basis.

I got her to say “Cheese!” This is a rare moment with her new camera shyness.

Adorable big girl.

Breakfast with Daddy at Chick-fil-A. (aka Wicka Chicka as we now call it in our household.)

We got ourselves a double jogging stroller. Best thing ever.

Both children love it and mommy loves it even more. Gets us out of the house, fresh air, and a little exercise too. And it puts the baby to sleep in seconds.

And about the baby, well Cameron is still doing great with her for the most part. We have times where the jealousy is definitely obvious.

But all in all she does love her baby sister and accepts her as part of our family.

She was playing in the crib with Charlotte and saying, “This giraffe Char Char.” Charlotte was listening carefully. She’ starting to really watch her big sister.

And what a great big sister to have.

Playing with Charlotte during tummy time. Pretty girl.

I can’t get enough of her. I love to laugh and play with her. She’s so much fun to be around.


I am so thankful to have such an amazing little girl who is almost 2 now! I can’t believe how time as flown. She’s such a joy and a light in our lives.

We love you, Cam Cam.

Now, on to planning a birthday party!


  1. Aunt Joanie November 21, 2011

    I check the blog frequently because I just can’t get enough of Cameron…I love seeing the baby but watching Cameron grow up right before my eyes has been such a happy privilege. Thank you Becca for doing a fabulous job on capturing the special moments of Cameron’s life.
    Now I am excited to watch Charlotte grow up.
    You are very blessed with a beautiful, healthy family full of love and support for you all.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving…you have so much to be thankful for.

  2. dibble November 21, 2011

    Wicka Chicka !!!!!

    You know I still have never been. Maybe someday I’ll be able to get down there and experience it first hand with all of you.

    Thanks as always for the updates. It’s always nice to hear about the family and how everyone is doing. It’s been a wonderful trip over the past couple years.

    Miss you guys terribly !!

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