Big 5 month old girl!

Well I’m a bit late on this but our sweet Cam Cam is 5 months old! She gets more and more of her little sweet girl (and some times dramatic) personality showing through every day.

She is doing really well at eating solids now. We’ve progressed from rice cereal to vegetables. Her favorite so far seems to be squash but she also enjoys green beans and peas. I’m afraid once we make the switch to fruits, veggies will no longer be so appetizing to her though. 🙂

She is working hard at developing the muscles to be able to sit up unassisted. We’re not there yet but getting closer every day. She loves to stand up while being held. It’s so cute to see her so proud of herself when she pulls up.

Cameron is definitely teething now. Constant drool and chewing on everything in sight. (a bit of fussiness too) I’m sure we’ll have a little tooth to report at sometime in the upcoming weeks or months.

Chewing on the bib.

She’s hit a growth spurt I think. We’re not sure exactly how much she weights but she’s noticeably a lot heavier and looks much fuller and “healthier”. We’ve recently had to start supplementing with formula. It apparently is packed with much more calories and things to make her a big strong girl. 🙂

A big challenge for us the last few weeks has been transitioning her to sleep in her crib at night. She slept in her crib when she was 3 weeks old up till about 3 months. Then with all the changes that have occurred lately, she’s been more resistant to her crib and preferred her swing. We knew this wasn’t okay but she would sleep so well in it, 12 hrs at night. We finally took the jump and “let her cry” which was so difficult. The first night was rough but the next few nights went well. Then she started waking up earlier and earlier each night and wanting to be held or rocked or something. Unfortunately, my work schedule really interrupts the consistency that she needs for night time and even daytime routines. I work all night and then come home to a baby that is waking up. She usually likes to be fed and then will take a morning nap for about 2 more hours. This is when I grab a tiny bit of sleep. When she sleeps with me in bed (I know I know.. bad habit) she sleeps much longer and more soundly. Well apparently she’s started to prefer that because now she wants to sleep right next to someone all the time. Hopefully soon we can get her transitioned completely.  My grandmother made her a pillow to cuddle with in her crib and when she sleeps in the crib she loves it.

We’re trying to work out the kinks in my work schedule now too in order to find what’s best for all of us. I refuse to work the day shift. I just wont send her to day care just yet.

Another new thing Cameron is doing is making lots of new faces and noises. We are loving that about this age, well except the voice testing in the grocery store. I swear she is doing it just to hear how loud she can go. The faces are cute though and make us crack up.  Here are some new pictures of Cameron at 5 months old.

That’s a proud grandpa if I’ve ever seen one.

Just ignore the spit up hehe. It’s impossible to keep her dry.

Playing with toys!

Brand new BFFs. She finds his ears and fur quite fun to grab on and squish between her fingers. He finds her spit up and baby food quite tasty. (Gross!)

As hard as I try to keep him away from her because he’s truly just such a gross dog, it’s nearly impossible in this 700 sq ft apartment. I wash her hands often and prevent him from licking her face. That’s about all I can do. She just adores him though.

I promise this outfit was dry right before I took the first picture.

Telling herself all about the book.

Goofy baby in the crib with her “E-E”

We are so thankful to have such a happy & healthy baby girl. She is everything to us. We can’t wait to watch her grow and see what great things God has in store for her.

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