House Update

Well we still have not closed on our old house. The buyers financing fell through 72 hrs before the initial closing date of April 26th. They applied with a different lender and were approved but it pushed closing back 3 weeks. Here we are 3 weeks later and waiting for word on our closing. Our Realtor says there’s a chance it could happen tomorrow but it may end up being Monday. Either way, we’ll both be so glad when it finally closes so we don’t have to worry about paying our house note plus apartment rent.

The new house is coming along well, though it’s been hard to get too excited about it until the old one is closed on. Brian visits the new house several times a week to check its progress and make sure they don’t get sloppy with the construction. Here’s a pic we took today when we visited. We are absolutely in love with it.

Cameron’s getting excited!


Reading her book on the way to the new house.

She’s starting to look so grown up.

These two love each other so much.

Sweet little baby girl. <3


  1. taylor May 13, 2010

    its looking good!
    and cameron never ceases to be adorable!

  2. grandpa John May 29, 2010

    Sorry to hear about the dog. You guys are all looking and enjoying life. Good for you. The house looks like it is taking shape and going good. love your web site

  3. Becca May 29, 2010

    Thanks Grandpa John. So glad you are able to see the site and how things are coming along. Everything was going great with the house until our buyers financing fell through 1 day before closing last week. We’re back to square one now and hoping to sell soon so we can still get the new house.

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