Charlotte is 1 month old!

So here we are again!

Charlotte is now 1 month old!

Weight: 8 lbs 7 oz (25th percentile)

Height: 20 3/4 inches

Here’s a picture of her from the pediatrician’s office.

Sleep: She’s still doing a lot of sleeping. She takes several naps during the day and sleeps well at night, usually for 3-4 hours between feedings. She’s having more awake time during the day. She likes to look at faces and brightly colored toys. Her eyes and ability to focus (without crossing) are getting a little better.

Feeding: She’s breastfeeding exclusively and very well. She eats every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 hours at night. We are noticing an improvement in the last few days with her acid reflux in response to the medication she’s taking. It’s so nice to see her more comfortable. She had a pretty rough time for a little while.

Like every newborn, she’s been having the sweet dream smiles (or gas smiles) which make for great pictures. But just in the last day or two we started to get a smile (while awake) in response to my talking and smiling at her!

Something tickled her.

Ahh sweet baby dreams. Nothing cuter.

She still likes to be swaddled to sleep.

She’s a great baby. She’s still not fussy and is content to “just hang out” sometimes which is great since Cameron is requiring so much attention lately. She’s still so very snuggley and loves to be held. We are discovering she does have a voice, however, and is not afraid to use it to demand to be fed- but it’s generally short lived. She’s easily calmed.

Her eyes are still a dark sapphire blue. They’re very pretty and we can’t wait to see if they stay blue.

She still has a lot of brown hair.

Every day we see more and more of her budding personality. She definitely seems like a laid back and sweet little girl. We’re also seeing more and more of her physical features. I don’t think she looks like Cameron so much anymore unless they’re sleeping.

She’s not a fan of getting her diaper changed or taking a bath.

And by the grace of God she still has not caught a cold. All kinds of germs have been going around our household lately but she’s resisted well!

We love her so much and are so thrilled to be her parents. She’s such a gift.

Here are some recent pics of our sweet little baby “Char Char” as Cameron calls her.

Getting serious about her mobile.

One of my personal favorites. Such a funny face. Her big sister makes this same face.

On her tummy to soothe a tummy ache.

“I think I know you.”

Her shirt reads: My Mommy is Exhausted.

This is where she sits (in the bathroom) while we give Cameron her bath.

Look how big I’m getting! This was taken 10-24-11

So sad. Sorry Charley, baths are a part of life.

Waving hi!

All clean!

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  1. Lindsay October 24, 2011

    adorable!! She is beautiful!

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