Cameron is 22 months!

Cameron turned 22 months on October 14th.

Just two more months until she’s two years old and I’m starting to believe it now.

We are so amazed by how much she learns on a daily basis.

I told her teachers at school the other day that I was so impressed by how much she has learned in just one month of school. Her vocabulary has exploded. And more than that, she has an understanding of so much more now.

She is putting more complex phrases together now, such as “mommy go, daddy go, baby go too.” She uses “too” in many different situations which lets me know that she does understand what it means. She is also saying things like “Dada sad. Hug?”  “Juice? Ice? please!” “Dada brush teeth?”

She is also applying the concept of counting to objects. She saw two of her bikes outside yesterday and said, “bikes one two, two bikes”. She likes to throw her food on the ground and then pick up pieces and put it back into her bowl and count them. Her counting this month is “1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10.”

She is trying hard to use the concept of colors too. We still have some work to do but she knows the names of the colors well. Proper application varies depending on her mood. 🙂

She is a great helper with the baby. Since she’s been able to help with changing Charlotte’s diapers she has realized that she also liked to be changed. She now will bring us one of her diapers and say, “momma change?”

She’s really funny when she asks for something. We have tried really hard to teach her manners and to say “please” and “thank you” and “sorry” and she will say these words if she’s told to. But the way that she likes to ask for something is, “more, okay?” or “more, k?”

There are several words that she says that I know she could pronounce correctly if she wanted to, but she has made her own little word for them. Brian & I want to her on video saying them because they’re so cute and are a part of what makes her special.  Some of these words are:

Milk = “Hulk”

Ice cream = “Ding Ding”

Pacifier = “tata”

There are other ones I just can’t think of them right now, of course.

The funny part is that she can say “ice” and does all day long when she wants something like ice water. I imagine she could say milk too if she wanted since she can say “momma” and “more” and “mouse,” but at nap time and all other times that she wants it, she says “hulk hulk hulk hulk.”

We finally received a nice rain in Houston last weekend and I think it was the first time that Cameron has experienced a good long rain like that. She kept saying “Rain on! Rain on!” This tickled us because her “rain” previously has been the sprinklers in the yard which Daddy can turn on when she says “water on?”

Cameron & EE in the rain.

Cameron is still doing well in school. Her teachers have nothing but great things to say about her. They said she’s getting more adjusted to her music class and is now participating. They say she follows directions well and is very mature. She loves her teachers and we are very happy she’s there. About 1 week after Charlotte was born, Cameron got another cold and I did too. It was at its worst on the weekend so we went to the local clinic for antibiotics. As it turns out, Cameron had an ear infection and I had strep throat. At this point, Brian and I seriously considered pulling her from school until next year when Charlotte was older. We are so terrified of Charlotte getting sick. But after talking with her pediatrician, we decided to keep Cameron enrolled. She’s thriving there and enjoys it so much.

Cameron and her nap mat (a new favorite word) before school.

We are trying to stay on top of keeping Cameron’s hands washed, baths as soon as she gets home from school and avoiding hands in Charlotte’s mouth and sharing pacifiers (like Cameron loves to do). She thinks it’s so neat to put a pacifier in Charlotte’s mouth and even neater if it’s just come from her own mouth. I’m finding it difficult to find the right words, sometimes, to explain things like this to Cam without her getting her feelings hurt. She really just wants to help and love on her baby sister and is very sensitive to the word “no” or even “be careful” or “be gentle.” She has nothing but pure intentions with Charlotte and it’s a joy to watch Cameron coddle her.

Cam & her baby sister. Sweet hugs.

I love this. She’s holding her hand.

Cameron is doing much better the last few days in her adjustment to our new life. She’s been very needy of my attention and we are doing everything we can to meet her needs. Last night, we were all on the couch watching a movie and I had just finished feeding Charlotte and was snuggling her while Cameron and Brian snuggled. I looked over at Cameron who looked right at me and then at Charlotte and then said “momma” very innocently. That was my hint that she needed me so I put Charlotte in her rocker and immediately Cameron crawled over to me and wanted to be held for the duration of the movie. If she gets adequate sleep and attention from each of us she does pretty well with her moods. For right now, Cameron is sleeping in our bed. We decided not to fight it and risk having her adjustment issues get even worse. She feels safe and comfortable in bed with us so why not. I don’t want her to feel like she’s being pushed away.

Serious face. She was modeling her new “coat” for daddy. And very serious about not taking it off.

A new dress from Mimi!

Look at those brown eyes. A double dose. I love it.

My sweet girls.

Passed out after a long day of pictures. We had newborn pics done for Charlotte and Cameron got to take some with her too!

Cameron having a snack while on a walk with Daddy through La Centera!

Cameron is definitely growing now.

She weighs 23 lbs.

She’s 34 1/2 inches  tall.

She wears size 6-7 shoe and 18-24 month clothing.

She looks like she’s going to be athletic. She’s very active and what I would say is agile for someone who is not yet two years old. She loves to run, jump, climb and play. We are looking forward to enrolling her in soccer when she’s old enough.

We look at Cameron every day and can’t believe how lucky we are to have such a neat little girl. Even though she’s proving to be a bit more difficult than she once was (her new nick name is “hot pepper”), she’s still such a joy in our lives. She’s so much fun to be around and is still such a sincere and sweet little girl. She loves to learn and loves to please. We are so thankful to be her mommy and daddy and love watching her grow.

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