Charlotte’s First Bath!

Charlotte’s First Bath

The remainder of Charlotte’s umbilical cord fell off earlier this week which meant that it was time for a real bath! We were getting tired of sponge baths and so was she. This child does NOT like to be cold.

Cameron has been looking at the baby bath tub for months anticipating the time when we actually get to put a baby inside. We kept telling her that we have to wait for Charlotte’s belly button to fall off. Smarty pants remembered this and as soon as she noticed it was gone she was ready to get her little sister in that bath!

So we had to make sure she was included in the event. First Cameron took her bath and then before she went to bed she got to help with Charlotte’s bath.

Though you’d never know by looking at this picture, Charlotte is not much of a crier. There are 3 things that make her cry. 1) Being cold (like before and after a bath) 2) hungry 3) dirty diaper

Ahh warmth.

Nom Nom

Better hurry… the water’s getting cool and a meltdown is right around the corner.

And there it is. Poor baby. It’s rough to be only 3 weeks old. 🙂 She’s too cute and I get distracted with taking tons of pictures and forget about the actual task of getting her bathed.

I need to invest in a lotion warmer. Lotion after a bath just makes things so much worse for the poor little cold girl.

All better now. She’s looking at me like, “Can we eat now mom?” And she did and then went into a deep sleep and let her mommy do the same. Such a good little baby.

And in case you want to see the play by play in video format, here it is!


Pardon all the noise, the Edge household is a much louder place these days.

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