Charlotte Hanna Edge

Our Newest Little Angel.

Charlotte Hanna Edge

So where did we get her name?

When Brian & I found out we were expecting another girl, we knew we would have difficulty naming her. We talked for several weeks about it and decided that we wanted to do something special for her. We wanted to name her in honor of two very special women in our lives. Brian’s grandmother, Charlotte, and my grandmother, Virginia, are two women that we have always loved, admired and respected. These women have been solid figures in our lives since before we were even conceived. They have each been what you would always imagine a perfect grandmother would be. They have provided constant love, support, happiness and comfort. I know that my life would be very different had my grandmother (and grandfather) not been around. And I know Brian feels the same about his. Since we have been married, our grandparents have remained steady figures in our lives. Both Brian’s grandparents and my grandparents were married in 1949. After 61 years of marriage, both couples are still very happy and very much in love. They are amazing parents, amazing grandparents and even more amazing great-grandparents. Cameron knows them very well and adores them.

So, with that said, our goal in naming our second daughter was honoring these two women. So how did we choose to do this?

We chose Charlotte as her first name after his grandmother. This was perfect for us because we love C names. We feel Charlotte is a nice, classy name for a girl. It means “free” and is now a popular name among grandmothers and grand-daughters. I love the way the name sounds, looks and after meeting our sweet baby I can see it fits her perfectly.

So where did Hanna come from? We used a bit of creativity for this. We had initially thought that we would use the name “Hansine” for her. This is my grandmother’s middle name. Virginia Hansine. It is a Danish and Hebrew name that means “God is gracious”. Her parents named her after her father, Hans, and she shares the middle name with her grandmother. Brian and I liked the name Hansine but were curious about other names that would honor her as well. While it is important for us to honor my grandmother, we also want to provide our daughter with a name that is not so uncommon. As I began to research the name, I found that one of the things I loved most about it is its meaning, God is gracious. Grace is God having favor on us even if we don’t deserve it. This was very meaningful for me as my grandmother has told me many times that she has prayed for God to have mercy and grace on us and keep my pregnancy safe. I can never take for granted that getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and delivering as healthy baby is not something that is a given in life. My children are truly gifts from God. I have not done anything to deserve them. They are His precious gifts. So along those lines, at one point we considered the name “Grace” for her middle name but felt that it was too far removed from Hansine and would not provide the honor to my grandmother that we were looking for. So we kept looking. ┬áHansine is the feminine form of Hans which is the same as John and Johan. Along those same lines, other versions of Hansine are Jane and Johanna. All have the same meaning, God is gracious. Johanna we shortened to Hanna. Interestingly enough, Hanna also means “God has favored me,” in other words He has been gracious. As I was discussing it with my grandmother and my mom, my grandmother noted that the name “Hanna” is unique because it is the blended name of her two parents which were Hans and Anna. Hans-Anna… Hanna. It was perfect! It keeps with the “Han” theme which comes from my Danish heritage and honors my grandmother while at the same time honoring her parents which are my great-grandparents. At the same time, it reminds me that my precious daughter Charlotte Hanna is a gift from God. God has been gracious to me and I am forever thankful.

So there we have it, Charlotte Hanna Edge.

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  1. Lindsay September 28, 2011

    I love it! Great explanation Becca! She is adorable and her name is beautiful!

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