Baby Update – 38 weeks

No baby yet!

Nearing 39 weeks now and the baby is sitting LOW!

She had a great checkup at the doctor’s office on Tuesday. Her NST was perfect. According to the doctor, I’m nearing 4 cm dilated, the cervix has thinned out and the baby is very low. It could be literally any day- or it could be another week. So hard to say. Every contraction that I have now is getting a little more painful (mostly just due to the pressure I think) but they are still not regular by any means. Last weekend at work was VERY busy and I was having cramping and back pain for much of the night. By the morning I felt a definite change in her position and like she had “dropped”. Sure enough, she had. If I make it to this weekend and have any more shifts like that where I’m on my feet practically running for 12 hrs straight, I’m afraid this nurse may become the patient.

My good friends from work had a baby shower for me last week which was a lot of fun. I feel so blessed to have so many people in our lives that care about us. We got lots of cute things for the baby.

We can’t wait for the baby’s arrival. We’ll definitely post updates on here when she arrives.

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