Patiently Waiting…

No little sister yet. We are still patiently waiting…

And a certain someone is ready!

I’m starting to feel that way too. This weekend marks 38 weeks. My visit with the doc went well this week. The baby is healthy and growing well. Her non-stress test was perfect. My cervix has started to dilate and my doctor is predicting she will come in the next week. Labor is a funny thing though and I know better than try to plan anything around it, or to rely on any predictions. I’m still holding out for the first week of October!

We still have a few things we need to do before she makes her appearance… like pack a bag for the hospital and wash her cute little new outfits. But that sort of stuff is small and can be done after the fact. The important thing is that Brian & I are now mentally “ready” for our newest little one and we’re ready to introduce Cam to her little sister.

Her “big sister” gift arrives tomorrow. We’ll post pics after we have it assembled. She’s going to love it, even though she has no clue what it’s for. As you can see from the picture above, we’ve got Halloween preparations out of the way early this year. I know we’ll have our hands full for the first few weeks after the little one arrives so we wanted to make sure Cam got her costume with plenty of time to spare. This picture is actually Cameron waiting for Daddy to come home from work. She does this every day. When he drives up she recognizes his car and we go outside so she can give him a big hug. It’s pretty darn cute to watch. There’s no denying this one’s a daddy’s girl.

Cameron is still doing great in her little preschool. Drop-offs are no problem at all. Her teachers talk about how great & well-behaved she is and that she will be “running the class” in the next few weeks. She’s very confident and very active and of course, super cute. Not sure where this social butterfly came from. Certainly not her parents. I’d say her aunts or grandmas.

So that’s all that’s happening here.

Here’s a cute little video snippet of my precious pumpkin raiding the clearance aisle at Walmart with me. Turns out the clearance prices weren’t as great as I thought they’d be so we left empty handed but we had fun playing anyway!


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