Gosh it’s hot! And a baby update!

I don’t want to be one to complain, but….

This heat has to go!!!!

I heard today on the news that this is our 25th day in a row of 100+ degree temperatures. And they don’t seem to be going down anytime soon.

In fact, this is what my iphone tells me about Fulshear (our town) over the next 10 days.



No, your eyes are not fooling you. That does indeed say that our temps will be 105 degrees even with “rain” which has yet to be seen. And over the weekend 108?? I can’t ever remember a summer when it was so awfully hot and with so little rain. And what a summer to be in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy! The sad part of this is that the Houston area doesn’t even have the worst of it. I think Dallas and other parts of Texas are even hotter! Who’s ready for a tropical storm with lots of good rain?


Ok Ok enough complaining. Here’s an update from our 34 week appointment.

We are down to weekly appointments. Every week, my doctor is doing a non-stress test (NST) on her in the office.

At our 32 visit and ultrasound we learned that the baby’s placenta is aging faster than it should and was considered a grade 3 at that time. Normally, placentas turn grade 3 when a baby is full term. It’s normal for them to age as they are only meant to last just over 40 weeks. Problems can arise if they age too early, however, and a baby could be compromised and require delivery sooner than later. By doing weekly testing, we are ensuring that the placenta is providing enough oxygen and nutrients for her to continue to stay healthy in her current environment. If there’s ever any doubt, he will just deliver her that day. Because I have no other risk factors or medical complications, I feel that our baby will be just fine and we will be able to carry till nearly 40 weeks. Most of the time when a woman has placental insufficiency, it is coupled with other complications such as increased blood pressure. My BP is and has always been perfectly normal.

He estimates her growth to be average right now and that she probably weighs just under 5 lbs. (I feel like she’s bigger).

So the NST yesterday was perfect. Since performing and analyzing NSTs on pregnant people is a routine part of my job, I was able to watch the NST and was very reassured by what I saw. I usually do one on myself at work every Friday night as well. That’s just one of the many perks to being an L&D nurse! My doctor was also very reassured by her tracing and plans on taking it just a week at a time.

So, she’s doing fantastic! Yay!



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