20 months old!

Hard to believe our sweet little Cameron is just 4 months shy of 2 years old now. I know I say this every month, but she is getting to be such a big girl. She is a very sweet and kind little girl and we are so thankful. But… we are getting more and more glimpses at what I can only guess people are referring to when they say the “terrible two’s”. Thankfully, we still see a lot more of our sweet little innocent angel than this budding head strong toddler.

Innocent, right?

New things this month:

Words: backpack, shine, hi, candy, jamba, tractor, again, “wanna go” (At least that’s what we think she’s saying), shapes, green, sun, and lots more that I can’t think of right now.

She’s doing a lot more singing lately too. Usually while she’s running around in circles.

Counting!!! Now she doesn’t do it routinely for me, but according to other people, Cameron counts to 8! For me she says, “One, two, six, eight, ten!!”

She’s starting to learn some colors, shapes and letters too!

Weight: around 23 lbs

Height: around 33 or 34 inches

Every day her communication skills are improving. She’s doing really great at using words to tell us what she wants/needs. Most of the time we have no problem understanding what she needs but not always. It’s a bit frustrating for her and us when we have no idea what she’s saying. For example, a few days ago she was saying “Juju juju juju” over and over again and pointing to our freezer. We didn’t know if she was hungry or what. “Do you want juice? Do you want chicken?” With every wrong guess we’d get a big shake of her head, whine and an even louder “jujujujujuju”. Finally, we figured out she was talking about wanting baby teething rings (which were not in the freezer at the time). Now she asks for one every day, several times a day, and you can bet our freezer is stocked with them. She’s getting her canine teeth in and I’m pretty sure this is our worst experience with teething yet.

And that brings me to another new thing for us this month… Cameron can now be classified as a picky eater. Her diet consists of milk, fruit (any kind), yogurt and cheese. I’m hoping this is temporary and due to the teething. She is consistently refusing proteins, breads (except occasionally a bite of cereal) and vegetables. I know it’s normal for kids to go through phases like this but it kills me to see her eat hardly anything in a day. Thank goodness she loves to drink milk because I swear that’s the only thing keeping her going. I hope I have a better report regarding her appetite next month.

This is not the greatest picture but this is the smile we get when she gets a “Jamba” aka smoothie from Jamba Juice. She LOVES them! It’s typically a treat for her on Saturdays with Daddy.

Have I mentioned how hot it is here? Day after day above 100 degrees and hardly any rain. Ick! We are ready for some better weather so we can go outside and play!

If we ever do go outside this is what we have to do. Poor baby, can’t you tell she just hates getting all wet? (wink wink)

Her new love? Barney the dinosaur. Wow, how in the world does that hideous purple dinosaur do it? Kids all over the planet have been captivated by him for what, 20 years now? And my kid is now one of those kids. Barney has replaced her love of Baby Signing Time (sad face). I guess Barney’s not that bad but I know it doesn’t have near the educational value of other shows. I really feel guilty having her watch TV to begin with but sometimes this pregnant mama just needs a break from wild running and playing all day to sit on the couch and snuggle with my Cam Cam while she’s still my only child. She’s so hard to snuggle with unless she’s watching TV or going to sleep. I know I’m not the only one that misses our snuggle bunny. I often catch Brian using Barney for snuggles too.

Relaxing. And no she’s not typically a pacifier user. I think it goes along with the teething thing she’s going through right now.

Only a few weeks till Cameron’s school starts! We have been talking about it a lot and trying to get her excited. Brian & I keep telling ourselves that it’s good for her and she will love it. There’s no denying that this is going to be very hard for us to do. We don’t trust her with many people. To help get things ready, Brian took her to Toys R Us to pick out a backpack and lunch kit. She picked out a Hello Kitty backpack and Elmo lunchbox. This is a video of the day that she got it and was showing it off for her Uncle Bor.


Cam’s still doing great about going to bed and staying in her bed. Brian even has her napping in her bed by herself on the weekends. I still nap with Cameron in our bed every day. I just can’t resist the opportunity to sleep and the snuggling is nice of course too.

We don’t have any major news to report regarding potty training this month. Cameron’s still doing great. She definitely knows she has a choice to tell us to go on the potty or to go in her diaper. Her mood varies as to what she chooses. Occasionally she will take all of her clothing and diaper off and run around the house that way. We’ve noticed that when she does this she will go to her potty by herself and is much less likely to have an accident. I just don’t like her to run around in the nude all the time, especially downstairs where the dogs are. I’ve tried to put her panties on her but I guess they feel somewhat like a diaper because she will have an accident in them. She’s definitely better about going #2 in the potty. Very rarely do we ever get a dirty diaper. We’ve had maybe 3 in the last month. I’ve heard people say that you can do a 3 day “boot camp” forĀ  potty training and the concept is letting them run around naked all the time. I asked her pediatrician about this method and he said it’s more necessary for older children who are having issues with potty training and that we should continue to let Cameron familiarize herself with the idea and not worry about being 100% potty trained right now. That’s fine with me.

So I guess that’s about it for this month. Or at least all I can think of. Hopefully more pictures and updates in the coming weeks! Thanks for reading!


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