32 week check up

We went to the doctor today for our 32 week checkup. Everything is going well with the baby.

We had an ultrasound and they measured her to be approximately 4.6 lbs which is in 56th percentile. Based on this, my doctor is estimating she will weigh around 7.5-8 lbs at birth. We had a biophysical profile done and she scored 8/8 which is perfect. It looks at fluid level, breathing movements, fetal tone and fetal movements. Everything is going great. She’s made her way to the vertex position and was facing posterior (my back) which meant we didn’t get any cute pictures, but she’s in the perfect delivery position.

The ultrasound tech did make the comment that she has lots of hair!

At this gestation with Cameron, our ultrasound estimated her to weigh 3 lbs. She was 7lbs 6 oz at birth (38 wks).

Now this little one just needs to hold off for another 6-8 weeks so she can be fully developed. ┬áIf work keeps me as busy as it has the last few weeks, running around like crazy and on my feet for 12 hrs straight, she may decide to make her appearance early. At least I’m in a good place if something happens at work!


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