Poor Baby

Well it appears that the first born of Brian and Becca Edge is indeed their guinea pig. Poor sweet Cameron Kate had food poisoning, yes that’s right food poisoning, at the tender age of 4 months old. Her genius parents decided to feed her a small amount of formula (the powdered kind) and failed to realize that the cans are no good after being opened for 1 month. Needless to say, she spent a good amount of Wednesday night vomiting and most of Thursday being fed pedialyte to rehydrate. Thank goodness she’s just fine now and has two parents who feel awful for causing their baby such pain. The good news is her parents wont be so stupid as to make the same mistake twice so as far as being fed expired formula goes, Cameron and her future brothers and sisters are probably safe.

And just because we can’t resist sharing, here are some new pics of our poor little one. 🙂

Hanging out in the stroller on a walk with dad.

At the doc's office.

Out on a lunch date with Dad while Mom was asleep.

Sleeping angel. She looks so grown up to me in this picture.

There was a squeal that went along with this face.

Sleepy baby

I hope she never stops smiling.

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  1. taylor April 27, 2010

    so cute!!

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