Evening Walks

Since daylight savings time kicked in, we have really enjoyed going for walks in our neighborhood after dinner on most evenings. Brian & Cameron go together nights I work as a wind-down before bed. But when I am home, we can make our walks long and make a stop at the park for a certain somebody.

Lots of pics in this post.

Sometimes we let Cameron bring a snack for her walks. Usually cut up fruit and ice water. She LOVES being able to have a yummy snack to eat while we make our way to the park.

Goofy girl.

Before we can even make it out of our driveway she’s usually saying “walk” or “swing” & “slide”

We have several parks in our neighborhood but one of our new favorites is about 1 mile away. She is SO ready to be there when we finally arrive. This particular park has a really neat swing that she likes to climb into.

Cheesing with Daddy. Love that grin.

Such a fun swing!

As soon as she’s bored with the swing she’s on to the next thing to do. She likes to play with the chimes and make LOTS of noise.

And practice her driving skills…

Very proud of herself.

Can you tell she’s excited about what’s coming next?

Cameron & Daddy making their way to the slide.

Focused before the big moment. The slides at this particular park are very steep big kid slides. She goes down them very fast. Sometimes it scares her but she always wants to go back for more.

Checking out the trees with Dad.

And then back to climbing.

Focused again.


And then finally..


Ah that feels good to a little girl who has worked up a sweat running around the park. She likes for mommy to get on the swing next to her and swing with her. I loved swinging as a kid but for some reason now even just swinging a little bit makes me so motion sick.

We are so glad to live in a neighborhood where we can take these walks daily. It’s such a great family experience.

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