19 months old

Our sweet Cameron is 19 months old now!

Looking back at pictures and videos of her from just a few months ago reminds me of how much she has changed. These first 2 years are just amazing to watch. She started as a tiny helpless infant and has changed into a head strong, funny, loving, silly and down right adorable toddler. I feel so blessed that God has given us the opportunity to be her parents. This is a journey unlike anything else. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing our little girl learn something new or discover joy in something that seems so simple. Seeing the smile on her face when she masters a new task or does something that pleases us or herself… wow, it’s enough to melt my heart. I am so looking forward to her journey ahead. I am so looking forward to my heart growing more and more each day with love for her and soon her baby sister too!

So our usual update on her monthly changes:

New words: again, ice, elbow, knee, walk, down, on, bed, hurt, please, band-aid, bath, home, outside, rain

She’s attempting to say just about everything. The words that she’s been saying for months she’s now pronouncing better. Like the word, “shoes” now sounds like shoes instead of “juice”. We’ve started practicing the alphabet too. Mostly just fun saying the letters and singing.  She’s using her words very well to ask for what she wants. It’s nice to be able to understand what she wants and help her get what she needs. We still have the occasional frustrations when we have no clue what she’s saying but for the most part we can figure it out. She enjoys spotting things outside and while driving and saying the words for them like, “Jeep” “Bike” “truck” “tree” “Nay Nay”.  She’s putting more multi-word phrases together.

Most popular phrases: “wash hands” “my dada” “sorry mama” “boy poo poo”

Those phrases pretty much sum up our life right now. Potty training & hand washing. I love my Daddy phase.  I like to hit mommy. And potty training issues with boy (Picco) still.

Another new thing, which is absolutely adorable, for the month is Cameron has started singing more. Most of her songs are just 1 or 2 words like “balloon balloon balloon balloon” and “no no no no”. Her favorite song to sing is the Opposites song from Baby Signing Time. She loves to sign and say the words in it. Her favorite part is “No no no” and “me me me” and she still refuses to say or sign the word, “yes”… go figure.

Here’s a little video of her singing her song in the car last week. Such a sweet little voice she has.


Ever since she started saying and signing “no” she’s made the sign by just crossing her fingers and we’re not sure why. I guess to her that means no.

I don’t think she’s grown much in the last month in either height or weight (around 22-23 lbs) and she’s still at 12 teeth.

Her feet are nearing a size 6 and she’s wearing a size between 12 months and 18 months.

Her hair is growing like crazy and is so much fun to work with now. She’s really good about letting me mess with it. <3

Her appetite varies day to day. Some days she’ll eat like there’s no tomorrow and the next day just picks at a few things here and there.

Favorite food? fruit of any kind, especially blueberries, strawberries and cantaloupe

The climbing has been taken to a new level. We cannot take our eyes off her for even a second. She looks for every opportunity to have a minute to take off and climb something she’s knows she’s not supposed to…. like this.


Cameron is a very big helper. She helps with the laundry. She loves to feed the dogs and give them treats. She helps with the dishes. She’s doing lots of “help” in her baby sister’s room too…

The last few weeks have brought major frustration in the realm of Cameron’s room. The bed that we bought arrived broken after waiting 2 weeks for it to be delivered. To top it off, the bed was way too high for her and was not nearly as impressive once we got it in her room as it had been in the store. We called the store and they arranged for us to go back to the store and pick out another bed. I insisted on not having the same one as it was not a good sign that it was broken simply from being delivered. For the amount we paid, I expected higher quality. It all worked out in the end, however, because when we returned to the store we found the perfect bed for her. Not sure why we didn’t spot it the first time but it’s adorable and for the same price as the first bed we also received a dresser, mirror and nightstand to match the bed. It fits perfectly in her room. We are almost finished with the final touches so pictures are coming soon. Baby #2’s room is the next project. Yikes. We’ll get back to you on how it goes getting Cam to actually sleep in her bed. Brian & I both want to cry thinking of having our precious little one so far away from us at night.

Speaking of Baby #2, she’s still doing great. This week will be 30 weeks. Realistically our baby could be here (safely) in 7-10 weeks. I’m getting really big now that she’s begun her growth spurt. Her movements have slowed some now that it’s getting crowded in there. Our next ultrasound is in 2 weeks to check up on her including size and presentation. Can’t wait to see her!

Let’s see. Potty training update. Big progress has been made.  This may be TMI. Cameron has not had a dirty diaper in 4 days.. and counting. Yep that’s right she’s gone #2 on the potty (both little potty and big potty) several times a day all week so far. Wet diapers are a different story however. She is using the potty to go #1 quite often but not enough to make the switch to panties. We did buy some “Ming Ming” panties for her (she picked them out) and I told her when she can tell Mommy when she needs to go she can wear them. It depends on the day for her. Last Sunday she kept her diaper dry for several hours and told me every time she needed to go #1. Today, she only did it once. Still, I have noticed a big change in her. She is starting to take her wet diapers off. She doesn’t like to have a diaper put on her anymore and she really is proud of herself when she goes in the potty. She also knows exactly what she’s supposed to do when she sits on the potty. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It wont be long and she’ll decide she wants to do it full time. I hear Ming Ming panties are very popular among 19 month old girls.

Oh and in case you’re wondering who this “Ming Ming” is…

This is her. She’s from one of Cameron’s favorite shows, The Wonder Pets.

Here are some pictures of Cameron at 19 months.

I love this picture. She looks so grown up. This is one of the dresses Gammie (one of her great-grandmothers) made for her. So cute.

Brian discovered that our wagon has the ability to hold water and this made evening walks way more interesting. It’s a great way to keep her cool when it’s just absolutely scorching hot still at 6:30 pm.

She grabbed Brian’s hat and wore it like this while they were running errands together one day.

Last Sunday while I was recovering from working (sleeping) Brian & Cameron went to Jamba Juice together for smoothies. From the look on her face, I’d say she was very much into her smoothie.

Another way she’s keeping cool this summer. She likes to help Daddy water the grass.

We found some maple tree leaves on our walk and she wanted to make sure they got watered.


Thanks for reading!


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