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The days are certainly flying by and before we know it, Baby #2 will be here. Today marks the start of my third trimester if you can believe it. As a quick update on her, she’s doing amazing. She moves all the time and is growing like a weed (and so am I). She responds to sound and touch and seems to love loud movies with lots of bass. Brian & I have been watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy in full surround sound and the little girl moves constantly for the whole thing. I bet she’s going to love action movies like her daddy and Nana.

So Brian & I have been trying to get our thoughts and ideas organized to prepare for this new little one. First on the list, though, was getting our sweet Cameron squared away with a big girl bed as her crib will be used by the baby. We purchased a really neat one that will be delivered in 1 week along with precious new big girl bedding. We will definitely post pictures when it’s all set up. Cameron is enjoying her practically empty room for right now. I can’t wait to see her face when the new bed is all set up. I know she’ll love it.

Baby #2’s room is currently a disaster area. We have moved all of our baby stuff including toys, clothes, tubs and everything else baby you can imagine into the area just to get it confined to one space. Slowly I’ve been making my way in there to clean things up. It’s turned out to be quite a process. Why? Because a certain big sister thinks that is the most fun room in the house. She’s completely attracted to all these baby toys and things. Any opportunity she has she will turn into a mini tornado and completely tear the room apart.

Another room upstairs has her old baby swing in it (which is all clean and ready for the new little one). Being a former baby who relied on her swing for the first 5 months of her life and a toddler that can’t get enough of swings at the playgrounds, Cameron thinks this is a brand new play toy just for her. We’ve been doing a lot of talking to Cameron about having a baby sister but she’s really too young for it to make any sense to her. I decided we’d make our way to Toys R Us and see if we could find a baby that was close to life-size so that we could begin to practice. The one we picked out is a little smaller than life-size but when you swaddle her up she looks more realistic. We have been feeding her, dressing her, letting her sleep, rock her, swing her, burp her, kiss her and love all over her. Cameron is doing really well. One of the things we decided to do was put the baby in her swing.


This is a video of Cam swinging the baby. If you’re wondering what she’s doing when she runs out of view of the camera, she was looking at the screen of my phone to watch the baby swing on it. She sings “Wing-a-wing” to the baby when she swings her.

And in the next video, you know who decides she wants to have a turn in the swing too. You can see how thrilled she is to get in.


There’s about 10 seconds of the video where I had to set the phone down to get her in the swing.

Such a silly little girl.

And speaking of silly, Cameron has taken the word “energetic” to a whole new level in the last few weeks. Not her fault, probably because her big ol’ pregnant mommy doesn’t want to go outside in 100 degree heat. We do plenty of fun things but I do think the kiddo can use a good run through the yard. Anyway, she gets little spurts of energy lately and will do this over and over. It’s so funny. Brian & I both just watch her and admire the energy of a child. If only I felt like running in circles over and over.


Aside from this Cameron is growing more every day. He climbing skills are improving daily… And this means she’s starting to get little kid bumps and bruises. Her little knees and shins have baby bruises on them and she got her very first bump on her head.

It didn’t last long at all. She was a very big girl about it and only cried for a minute. She ran right into the corner of a door frame hitting just the right spot to make it knot up. Now it’s just a faint bruise.

Cameron is doing really well with using forks and spoons for eating. She gets very excited when she correctly stabs a piece of food and it makes its way into her mouth. Apologies for the foot on the table. Even when we try to put it down she insists on it going right back up. For right now we’re just picking our battles. I know she wont put her feet on the table for the rest of her life. At least I hope not…

Cameron sleeping with the baby. She reaches for her and the bottle first thing when she wakes up. Too cute.

Showing off a sticker she got for using her potty. What a big girl!!!

So that’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing. More pics to come when we get some stuff done. Lots of work to do!

Thanks for reading!

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