18 months!

A year and a half.

Growing like a weed. Time is flying by. I cannot believe that it’s already been 18 months since she was first placed in our arms. It’s going too fast. We are seeing glimpses of the little girl she’s becoming and we are so proud. We can’t imagine our life without her. She’s absolutely perfect in our eyes. If I could have one wish, it would be to keep her safe, protected and innocent and happy, for the rest of her life.

Another month brings more changes. More words and more personality. And lots more laughter.

We made a visit to her pediatrician for the 18 month checkup. No shots this time, yay! These are her stats.

Weight: 22 lbs 8 oz  (around 25th percentile)

Length: 31 1/2 inches (around 40th percentile)

He said she looks great. She’s met all the appropriate milestones for her age and passed the autism screening with flying colors.

Every day she’s attempting new words. It’s beginning to be too many to remember. These are new ones that I can think of..

New words: “Uh-oh”, slide, swing, nice, cute, toot, bike, cheese, please, burp, peepee, poopoo, duck,

She’s developed quite an interest in things her body can do. Including taking huge strides in the potty training department. She is now telling me when she has to go and is usually excited to go sit on the potty. Sometimes she tells me as it is happening. She gets so excited when she goes on her potty and gets to see what she’s done and tell it bye-bye as we flush it away. She is still waking up with wet diapers from naps and bedtime so I’m not sure we’re quite ready to take the full potty training plunge but it’s definitely nice to see her getting acquainted with the potty and recognizing what is happening. We’ll see what the next month brings. Who knows, maybe we will have her potty trained by the time her sister arrives after all. I certainly didn’t anticipate this.

New signs: blanket, bubbles, rain, cracker, hot, cold

Favorite things: balloons, shoes, balls

I think what’s impressed me most in the last month is her ability to use words and phrases like in appropriate context. She is identifying correctly hot vs cold objects and even says and signs “hot” when she’s outside and feels the hot air. She shocks us time and time again when she uses the correct word or expression for when something happens. For example, she says “Uh-oh” when she drops something, “Sorry” when we bump heads, “Go go go” when she wants to run fast, “whoa!” when she sees a balloon floating high.  She has started using 2 word phrases like “No Mama” and “Bye Bye Nana” and “Night night boy”. Brian and I are also amazed by her understanding of what seems like complex phrases and commands from us. We are just getting to the point where she can now be reasoned with. For example, she loves to brush her teeth but insists on doing it by herself. Well this means, of course, that she just sucks all the toothpaste off and chews on the brush– hardly doing much for getting her teeth clean. I have tried several times to brush for her but she fights it and gets very upset. Well recently, I started telling her that if she lets mommy brush her teeth for her then she can brush by herself and then she will get a sticker. After just saying this once, she happily says “Ahhhhh!” for me and opens her mouth, letting me brush those little chompers without a fight!

She might have been able to respond to these sorts of things sooner but I think Brian & I have had to do a lot of growing as parents lately. We still see her as our baby. We still cut her food into tiny pieces. We still love to feed her. We don’t talk to her like she’s a baby but I think we’ve just started to make the transition to seeing her as a little kid now. She CAN understand us. She CAN comprehend getting rewards for her actions. She desires to please. She loves to be challenged. There is more to her now.

She’s doing a lot of mimicking lately. She will copy just about anything we do. Dancing, walking backwards, whistling, burps (thanks Brian), sounds, running in place, sitting in big girl chairs. She loves to “clean” things. She gives the dogs commands. One funny thing she does is when I put food down for the dogs she will go between the two of them, taking food out of one dog’s bowl and putting it in the other dog’s bowl and then vice versa. It’s as if she’s making sure that they are even.

This month has brought about a new challenge: climbing

She wants to climb in and out of everything! We knew it was coming but definitely were not prepared. She’s a skilled little girl when it comes to climbing onto things.

Here are some pictures from the last month.

Another example of her mimicking. This time she is copying how Daddy sits in his computer chair. I can’t blame him though. His legs are too long for his desk. Funny to see on a little one though.

Was desperate to get the hair out of her face that day and figured we might as well make it all match!

Somebody thinks she’s too big for a booster seat now.

The day before she got hit with her 103 fever for 3 days. Such a sweet girl.

Snuggles. Nap time is my favorite time of day. I love love love cuddling up with her.

Sleepy girl holding on to her blankie.

Sweet Eyes!

Can’t wait to see what next month brings! Thanks for reading!

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