Cam’s First Road Trip

We waited 18 months before taking any sort of significant road trip with the little one. It seems like such a long time but we just couldn’t imagine how we’d entertain her for hours on end in a car. Not to mention, we haven’t had the time or reason to go anywhere for more than a day trip. We went to Louisiana to pick up Picco but left Cam at home because it was 6 hrs there and 6 hrs back.. all in one day.

But the opportunity recently came about for us to take a weekend trip to Dallas for a family reunion. Because of my position at work (I am required to work every weekend) I didn’t think we’d be able to go but I got lucky and was able to have the weekend off! This was my first in over a year.

Initially, Brian and I were both dreading the thought of driving 5 hours with a toddler in the car. We wondered if we should drive at night while she was sleeping or if we should strategically plan the trip around her nap time. Someone, and I can’t remember who, was nice enough to educate us on the secret to road trips with kiddos. DVD players. Of course!! Why didn’t that ever occur to us?? She LOVES to watch Baby Signing Time at home. It would only be natural for her to love to watch in in the car too!

And what a monster we created.

She was fabulous for the trip there and back. She watched all four volumes of Baby Signing Time for hours on end. Feeling guilty about the amount of tv she was watching (and feeling like we were going insane from hearing the same songs over and over) we tried to turn it off for some time to give her, and us, a break. This didn’t go over well at first but she was easily distracted with other things and eventually settled down for a little nap.

We were so pleased with how peaceful the trip went. Now we just need to work on getting that DVD player OUT of the car so that for every day driving she will not expect it.

We were excited for the opportunity for a change of scenery for Cameron. She’s never spent the night anywhere except our house. She did great at the hotel. She did great eating what was given to her. She did great sleeping in a different bed. She did great socializing with family. And she did great with the total change in routine. She was completely exhausted but still such a great sport. I can tell this girl is going to be fun to go on vacations with.

The family reunion was lots of fun. It’s my grandmother’s side of the family including all of her siblings (there are 5 of them total) which are all still living and in great shape.

My grandmother and all her siblings.

From left to right: My grandmother, Uncle Kenneth, Aunt Lorraine, Uncle Roger & Aunt Doris.

Not the greatest picture but this is my family. Only missing Taylor.

This is our family’s youngest generation, including 2 babies in the oven still. Yep, I spilled water on my belly right before the picture. ┬áIt’s big enough to get in the way now.

It was great to see so much of my family and spend the weekend with my parents, grandparents & brother. The reunions are only every 3 years so it was nice that my family got to meet Cameron.

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  1. Becca June 15, 2011

    Thanks Lindsay! I miss you too!

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