Keeping Cool

It is HOT in Houston, Texas! Summers here are always scorchers but this one seems exceptionally hot. Maybe it’s the lack of rain.. or maybe I say this every year. Either way, we have been looking for ways for Cameron to get her playtime outside without it being unbearable for all of us.

We picked up a fun water table for her which has proved to be lots and lots of fun. Even the dogs enjoy it. 🙂

And then..

Aunt Joanie left a surprise for Cam at Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

A pool!

It’s such a fun pool! It is very soft, provides shade for her and even sprays water up to play with!

She had so much fun! She wants me to fill it up and let her get in every time she goes in the backyard.

“Splash Splash Splash!”



Cause my little boy is just too cute not to share. He loves to be outside with us.



Refreshing juice for a toasty little girl.


Thank you so much, Joanie, for the new pool! Cam loves it!

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