Monthly Archives: July 2016

First & Last Day of School Year 2015-2016

Now that our school year has come to a close, I’ve put the beginning and end of the year pictures together to see how much the girls have grown. We had them write their names on the first and last days and the improvements in their writing is so clear. I love these girls so much. They’re such great kids.

Cam school year 2015-2016 Char school year 2015-2016

Project 366: June 2016

Another crazy and wonderful month in the books. We just keep chugging along trying to stay busy and cool. The girls are having a great summer so far. I feel so much guilt over neglecting my blog but I’m still trying my best to photograph every day of our lives. So far so good!

Here’s Molly’s June.

Molly June 2016

And Cameron & Charlotte’s June.

Cam & Char June 2016