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Project 366: February


Molly + Cam & Char
February 2016


Cameron is SIX!

This year has been great for Cameron. We’re late, as usual, on her birthday post but it has not been forgotten.

Here is our beautiful girl’s 6th birthday picture. She’s turned into a big kid, officially. But still has the innocence of a baby.

I made this collage in honor of our gal on her birthday. She’s grown so much since that tiny baby in the middle of it. But I remember those days like they were yesterday. She promises us that she will always be our baby. No matter what. And I believe her. 🙂

Cam is 6

Six Year Old Stats:

Weight: 36.6 lbs — 6th percentile
Height: 42.8 inches tall — 10th percentile

She’s tiny but so awesome.

Still has all her teeth. No cavities.

She wears size 5T clothing and size 11-12 shoes.

She’s the first to bed in the evenings and the first up in the mornings. She quietly tiptoes out to the den and occupies herself until the rest of the family wakes up.

She’s a good eater. Though she doesn’t eat a ton, she loves a good variety. All time favorites are: Mac n’ cheese, oatmeal (Oakey Milk), donuts, yogurt, salad, spaghetti and meatballs (meatbulbs). She loves to drink whole milk. Anything but “skin milk” as she calls it.


I think the biggest thing this year brings is the end of preschool and beginning of Kindergarten.

She graduated from preschool in May. She always received glowing remarks from her teachers and excelled at her work. She made great friends and had a blast. Here’s a picture from her graduation. Sweet little sister was so very proud of her. She watched her from the audience and couldn’t pass up the chance to hug her as she walked down the aisle.

Kindergarten has been amazing. I will admit I had so many fears going into it. How would she respond?  Would I fail her; would she be unhappy? But she’s actually done better than I ever imagined. And I really believe she’s turning into someone who loves to learn. She’s reading, she’s writing, she’s doing math like it’s nothing. She’s a Bible nerd. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. She takes stories we’ve read and holds on to them. She craves them. She thinks about them. She relates them to life and she relates them to other stories we’ve read. She remembers them better than I do! She can tell you all about the Old Testament. And the big picture behind it. Our God is the one true God. We are to love Him, trust Him, obey Him and only Him. She shocks me all the time with what she is capable of grasping. And she will tell you that Bible time is her favorite part of our school day. What a treasure that is to hear from my child. It validates why we’re doing this in the first place. Now I know we have something special. We’ve flown through more chapter books in a few months than we have in years. Our latest read? The Magician’s Nephew from the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis.  And she’s all about it. She gets it and she loves it. And she is pointing out the parallels to Biblical stories. It’s unbelievable and incredibly rewarding as a parent to see these changes in your child. Homeschool is not without its challenges, which are mostly distractions of everyday life, but it’s time together and right now we both love it. We are looking for an activity that she can join to get her more physical activity though. We plan on joining the YMCA as a family until we find something she is really interested in.

Another thing she learned this year is swimming independently. She’s actually been swimming for several years but because we don’t swim year-round she would typically forget it between the summers. But I think she finally got it this year. We also went on our very first out of state vacation. Her first time to new states and she got to see Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and our favorite, Florida. Geography is another favorite subject for her so this was fun and continues to be when trying to explain the distance that something is from us. It took us 12 hours to get to Florida and it’s only |           | <— this far, so look how far we are from (x) can you imagine how far it would take to get there?


(Despite her new swimming skills, I wasn’t ready to let her go into the ocean without a float)

For her actual birthday, we enjoyed a family day/night. She requested spaghetti and “meatbulbs.”  We made gingerbread houses and Charlotte gave her sister a gift. It was one she picked out herself and as you can see in the pictures, Cameron was so thrilled with it. It was great to just enjoy this special family time celebrating our girl! Later she had a TRON party, I posted pics here.


I think a big part of this year for Cameron has been defined by the peaking her interests. Last year, for her birthday, we gave her a video game called “Disney Infinity” just so that she could casually play on Brian’s PlayStation- they could even play together. Brian’s hobby has always been and will always be video games so, naturally, he enjoys every chance he can get to share that hobby with the kids. We were totally unprepared for how she would take to this game. She taught herself how to play it and essentially mastered it. When I say she’s good at video games, it’s really an understatement. She’s insanely good and has an understanding that I know I did not have at age 6. This game introduced her to a few other interests: TRON & Star Wars. And in usual Cameron fashion, when she becomes interested in something, she jumps head first and obsesses over it. She was TRON crazy for months and months (she had a TRON birthday party) and I would say all the way up to the point where Star Wars craze took over. She had the chance to go see the movie and loved every minute of it. She’s since been watching the originals. She asks me about 50 questions a day about Star Wars and I just have no clue. Who is stronger? Kylo Ren or Darth Vader? What happened to Luke’s hand? Did Luke get Aniken’s light saber? Why does Obi-wan have it? On and on and on. Every. Single. Day. We bought her a book so that we can read about it and hopefully answer all of these burning questions she has. Have I mentioned Cameron doesn’t forget anything? She’s got a heck of a brain in that head. I’m amazed every day by what shes comes up with.

Here are our big girls enjoying a date night to see Star Wars with mom & dad.


Cameron is such an amazing girl. She loves her family so much. She’s best friends with her sisters. Her soul is really so precious. She loves her mom and dad. (though she’s really a daddy’s girl at heart) She’s fair. She’s kind. She’s gentle. She’s so sweet. We’re so proud of her. Who she is and who she is becoming. I can’t wait to see what great things are in store for her. I can’t wait to see where her interests take her in the next year. What she learns. What she decides to embrace.

We love our special girl so so so very much. Happy 6th birthday, Snug.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Cameron from this year.


So smug.

Kazoo Concert

I forgot to post this from last month! One of my favorites, by far. The Imperial March on kazoos played by Cameron & Charlotte. I love how Charlotte looks at her big sister and is playing her kazoo backwards. And how they start strong, get a little lost in the middle, but come back to finish strong. Never a dull moment with these girls!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2016


The Edge Family


Project 366: January

One of my goals for the year is to take a photo of each of my kiddos every day this year. Every. Single. Day. It’s harder than it sounds because it’s more than just a cell phone snap. I’m trying to be more intentional about being creative, seeing light differently, trying things I don’t normally try when it comes to photography. I’m trying be less intentional by not doing “say cheese” or bribing for cooperative kids. I just want to capture them. Who they each are in 2016. What we do. Our life is incredibly boring at times and I love it. I love that there is real beauty in a genuine childhood. A happy childhood.

Anyway, so here’s January.

The first is of just Molly. Not because she’s my favorite but because she’s changing so much this year. Physically. More so than the other two. And also because there’s rarely a moment when Cameron & Charlotte are separate. One of my greatest joys is their relationship. The second is theirs. With of course, some Molly thrown in. 🙂

Molly January

Cam and Char January