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Charlotte’s 1st Riding Lesson!

Our Charlotte has been asking to ride horses for a long time. She jumps on every opportunity to ride a pony at an event. For Christmas, my parents gave Charlotte a horseback riding lesson at a local farm. She had that lesson and smiled ear to ear the entire time. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her so happy, proud or focused. She took it very seriously and talked about it for the rest of the day. I decided right there we were going to do more lessons for her. This could be her thing. And I’m okay with that.


Bean Boozled

Everybody’s doing it lately. Taking the challenge. This seemed like something that these two would be up for so we bought a box. Basically, there are several colors of jelly beans and they can either be flavored really good or really really bad. Shockingly bad. Here are the videos of Cam & Char taking the challenge this morning after breakfast. Apologies for Molly’s screeches in part 2. We were able to quiet her with a bowl of oatmeal for only so long. My favorite part of this video are their reactions. These two keep me laughing!

Molly’s 11, 12 and 13 Month Updates

Months late, as usual. 🙂 She’s over 13 months now and has exploded into a full blown almost toddler practically overnight, it feels like. I still like to back track for the sake of my sanity and being able to reference these one day when she asks what she was doing at 11 months old.

11 Months Old  (9-20-15 through 10-20-15)


She weighs around 17-18 pounds we think. She wears size 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. Still not a lot of hair but it is growing…mostly in the back. We’re noticing some pictures (see above) get the windblown look and we find that pretty cute since it’s been practically non-existent for 11 whole months. She adorable, and lovable, and sweet as pie. She nurses and eats big girl food, less and less baby food overall. When mommy is at work, she’s a good girl and drinks milk from a bottle. She doesn’t sleep through the night but she goes to bed easily at 7pm and wakes up at 3am and then nurses and is back to bed until about 6:30am. She doesn’t like baths very much during this month but it was just a little phase. She’s very interested in everything big sisters are doing. She’s obsessed with the animals, particularly the cat and the dogs.

9-21-15: giving kisses – Huge, open mouth wet kisses that is. Pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

9-23-2015 : Second upper left tooth appeared – They just keep coming.

10-10-15 : Second upper right tooth appeared – That makes 6 total teeth!

9-24-2015 : Pushing walker – It was just a few steps at first while pushing it but she soon figured out it could support her while she cruised across the room. And a while later she got really brave and tried it out (successfully) on tile.

9-24-15 : Bear Crawling: We can only guess this little “Mollyism” developed because of our large amounts of tile floors in the house but she even does it on the carpets. It’s hysterical. Makes us laugh and just about anyone who sees it laughs too. There’s no doubt it takes a lot more strength and energy than regular crawling. I feel like once she gets the balance for walking she’s going to take off running. Here’s a video, sorry about the focus. I’m trying to learn how to take more videos with my big camera.


9-29-15 : Making kissing noises

9-30-15 : Loves to give – It makes her so happy when you ask for something she has and she can give it to you. She beams with pride. She also loves to feed people food from her tray. We say, “Can I have it?” and she quickly offers it up. About a month into this, she realized that there might be things she doesn’t want to give up and she discovered how to hold on to them. Look at this little smile and voice. Seriously. How will we ever be able to tell her no?

10-7-2015 : Giving High Fives

10-10-2015 : Cruising the furniture – Uh oh! The count down to walking is officially on. She has discovered she can get somewhere if she moves her feet.

Here are more pictures of our precious girl at 11 months!

Twelve Month Update – (10-20-15 through 11-20-15)

Molly’s Birthday! She’s 1!

UV3A2086molly 1 year

Hard to believe our precious, once teensy weensy tiny baby celebrated 12 months, 1 year, in November!

(Here she is in the same bowl at 5 days and a few weeks shy of 1 year)

At her 1 year check up with the pediatrician, she received a clean bill of health! Her growth stats are:

weight: 18 lbs 10 ounces (31st percentile)
height: 30 inches (79th percentile)
head circumference: 18.5 inches (94th percentile)

So she’s tall, lean and carrying lots of brains around in that head, apparently. 🙂

She is wearing size 3 diapers, size 12 months clothing, and shoes size 4.

molly's feet

She received all of her vaccinations and had blood drawn for a routine 1 year CBC, which was all normal.

According to the questions they asked at the office, it appears Molly is meeting all of her milestones nicely.

She says mama, dada, cat, and dog routinely.

She also does a lot of pointing to things and saying, “uhh!”

She’s napping usually once per day in the mornings for about an hour. She goes to bed at 7 pm and is usually wide awake by 7 am, waking usually around 3 am to come into our bed and nurse.

She eats big people food and is really good at it. She knows to take small bits of foods like crackers and bread. Her favorite foods are: apple sauce, cheese, mac n cheese, grapes, cheerios, spinach ravioli, chicken, yogurt, strawberries.

She still crawls everywhere, quickly and pulls up on anything she can to cruise around. She’s ticklish, loves to laugh and follows her sisters everywhere. Anytime they get rambunctious, she loves to crawl into the fun.


And now, on to 13 Months! (11-20-15 through 12-20-15)

Due to first the flu and then a stomach bug, we ended up having her birthday party on her 13 month birthday!


Yes, that’s lots of cakes that she’s now had the chance to smash for her birthday. I wasn’t going to get one but you can’t have a 1st birthday party without a cake for a baby to smash. She had a fun time and was able to celebrate with her big sister Cam on her 6th birthday. Due to the time of year and the fact that their birthdays are only 3 weeks apart, I predict this is not the first time we’ll have a joint celebration for these two.

She’s probably around 19.5 pounds at 13 months. Growing taller by the day, it seems. And starting to gain the courage and confidence she needs to gain mobility on two feet.

Standing on her own : 11-22-15 – It may have been an accident but it counts. She didn’t realize she was standing because she was holding something but sure enough she balanced for several seconds. Once she realized it she quickly sat down.

Starting to babble gibberish : 11-22-15 – She’s done a lot of “talking” since she was just an infant but it typical sounded like the same sounds over and over again, like “da da da da” and then some other adorable sounds and voice inflections thrown into the mix. But now, she’s starting to mimic the way that we speak. We can’t understand it but we know she’s trying to say something!

Knows who Mommy & Daddy are:  11-22-15 – Well of course she knows us, but now she knows we have a name! She says “da da” for Daddy and “ma ma” for mommy.

Saying Doggy and Kitty : 12-5-15 – We’ve graduated from “Dah” for dog and “cat” for cat. Now she says “Dah-geee” and “Kih-deee” and it’s probably the 2nd most adorable thing ever. Which leads me to the next milestone. THE most adorable thing ever.

Saying Mommy : 12-7-15 – Yep, this is it. It’s not mama. It’s not mom. It’s MOMMY! And it’s her favorite word and she’s my ONLY child of 3 to use it so early and so often. Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy. All day long. Music to my ears. Until she screams it. And screams it in a New York accent “Mah-meeeee” at me if I don’t move fast enough toward  her when she calls.

Signed Milk : 12-13-15 – She signs it for the bottle and for nursing. That’s another new thing this month. She’s asking, well demanding, to nurse more often.

Intentionally standing up on her own “look mom no hands!” : 12-15-15 –  It started with her crawling over to me when I was lying on the ground and using my back to stand herself up, let go, stay standing for half a second and then fall back down onto me. A Molly game. But then she realized she could do it more and longer and from other things, not just my back. And then, she realized if she moved her feet a little she could walk.

First STEPS! 12-15-15 – Yikes! I wasn’t ready for this especially since it seemed like she just started standing. But she took her very first steps, two of them, and was thrilled!

Lower second right tooth erupted :12-15-15 – That makes 8 teeth total! And she knows how to use them!

Clearly, Molly Claire has had a busy month! Well a busy 3 months actually. So busy that her mother is that far behind in making a post about them. Here are a bunch of pictures of my darling Molly baby in her 13th month. I’m a little obsessed with her.


Cam + Bayley


Happy 2016!

We would like to wish all of our family and friends a very happy and safe 2016!

The girls were able to have fun with some sparklers before bedtime tonight. They’re not quite big enough to ring in the new year with us at midnight without making for a difficult day the next day. But they had a blast as you can see from the smiles on their faces! Molly fell asleep before 8 in my arms and big kids got super cold because it started raining. They came inside shortly after to warm up with a hot bath and then bedtime. Mommy & Daddy rang in the new year with good music and a peaceful evening, with the exception of some crazy loud fireworks outside. 🙂