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Almost a walker!

Last night, December 30th 2015, Molly decided she had enough confidence to walk across the room. I wondered if she would forget this morning but she remembered! I took this video this morning. Sorry for the focus issues, I’m still learning how to effectively use my camera for video.

Ā I can’t believe our little baby is almost a walker!

Also, she doesn’t normally eat off the floor. šŸ™‚ She wanted nothing to do with her high chair this morning and then pulled that can of puffs down from the table and spilled them all over the floor.


The Houston Studio (for fun)


Some friends of ours rented a studio for the day and invited us along to tryĀ it out. I was all for itĀ because I love a change of scenery and I’ve seen so many beautiful photographs from this studio. It turns out it wasn’t the greatest day to do this as the girls were just not in the mood but I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot.Ā Untitled-5

Charlotte’s New Bike

Another set of pictures I never got around to posting….

This is from Charlotte’s birthday. We got her a new big girl bike. She’s so proud to be just like her big sister. She used that teeny tiny 12 inch bike from when Cameron was a baby until age 4. Not bad. Such a trooper. Love this kid to the moon and back.

Char's new bike

Oil Ranch & Ren Fest 2015

While looking through some old pictures I found our adventures at the Oil Ranch and the Texas Renaissance Festival this fall.

The Oil Ranch is a huge farm with activities everywhere for kids to enjoy. Their favorites were definitely pony rides and the big jumping pillow but they also each got to try milking a cow and running in a hamster wheel. And then playing in a giant hay stack inside of a barn. We went with some good friends which made it even more fun. Here are some pictures of our fun day.


We went to school day at the Texas Renaissance Festival. This was important to meĀ because everything was kept G rated for the most part and there was no alcohol served on the property that day. The bad part, however, was that every school in the entire city had the same idea to go that day. It was more crowded than I think it would have been had we gone on a weekend like we originally planned. The girls had fun, though, and were able to learn about knights and jousting and sword fighting. It was a full and tiring day and incredibly hot but the girls had a great time.

Renfest 2015

Old Town Tomball

A few weeks ago, when we got the very first “cold front” in Houston, we bundled the girls up and decided to take them out for a very spontaneous photo session in Tomball before getting soup for dinner at Panera. I’dĀ only been there for antique shopping so it was a little bit for exploration as well. To my surprise, it ended up being one of my favorite sessions of my kidsĀ ever. They were in great moods and the night was lovely. Not to mention I’m not a new fan of the area for pictures. Their outfits didn’t really match as they were just thrown together with whatever we could find in their closet. But this is the second time now that some of my favorite pictures come from when I let my girls do the planning of the wardrobe. I really treasure these and have had several printed and put up in our home. It’s hard to get natural expressions out of three kids but I feel like they were so themselves here so I had to share.

tomball kids

Molly’s Cake Smash(es)


I posted a video of her cake smashes but just remembered I never posted the pictures or a birthday update.

This was one of those things that I just had to do. Twice. Knowing she’s ourĀ last and we would never again have a first birthday for one of our kids, I wanted to make sure we got enough pictures to remember it. The end of November anywhere else may not be optimal for outdoor cake smashes but we were able to find a beautiful day and make it happen. We did two smashes (on two different days) because I found an antique high chair and thought it would be fun to use but didn’t want to miss the cake smash on the ground moments either. I know, I’m a little crazy. šŸ™‚

She enjoyed the first one the most. It was really delicious. And she made sure to get it everywhere. She was a bit more hesitant with the super sweet buttercream icing of the second cake. We only made it through about 5 minutes before she was D-O-N-E. Either way, it was great to take the time out to celebrate our special girl. Here are pictures from each smash.
molly cake smash 12Molly cake smash 2