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Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween from The Edge Family!

Here are our sweeties in their costumes!


And our official fall photo!


It’s a funny story actually. It’s no secret I’m a little obsessed when it comes to dressing my kids up for fun. Especially if I can get pictures out of them.

I thought it would be fun to do “in character” costumes this year. If it seems like we have a lot of costumes it’s because we do. Molly’s are all hand-me-downs and Cameron & Charlotte wear about the same size so we change out a lot. Between Halloween and dress up, we’ve accumulated a good amount¬†of costumes.

So here’s our little lobster, sweet Belle, the increduble Pikachu!


I think we had fun with costumes for the whole month of October. We also enjoyed a shoot with our cousins, Kaitlyn and Danika.


Such is life when trying to photograph 4 kids!

The days before Halloween, we attended a parade at Charlotte’s school and then her little pumpkin patch. And later that night we went to Trunk-or-Treat at our church. The girls had so much fun that day!

There was a huge turn out at Trunk-or-Treat. I’ve never seen anything like it!
(This is Cameron’s Tron costume, by the way. She’s crazy about Quorra from Tron and we found the costume on clearance for $10 and couldn’t pass it up.)

They got to meet a real firefighter who I’ve known since I was a kid!


Molly fell asleep 5 minutes into the event. Eeyore the party animal.


On the night of the REAL Halloween, the girls were thrilled that our neighborhood hosted a block party right in front of our house! Over 100 people showed up and they got to bounce in a bouncy house and eat candy for hours with neighbor friends. This was great because we were afraid all the Houston rain would cancel Halloween but it ended just in time.

(costume switch again)


And a few more from the month! UV3A7988UV3A8913UV3A8917UV3A7668UV3A7783-1UV3A7961