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Molly 8, 9 & 10 month update

It really bugs me that I haven’t been able to update the blog much recently. But our sweet baby girl is now over 3/4th of a year old. She’s adorable and precious and perfect in every way. I need to write all this down so I have it forever.

This is going to be a picture heavy post! Lots to catch up on…

Let’s start with 8 months! (6/20-7/20)


Molly started making huge strides in eating solids this month. Compared to how much she flat refused them after her initial reaction, we were thrilled with baby steps and considered them giant leaps.  She has continued to gain weight at about 1 pound per month which put her at about 16 pounds this month. And she’s working hard on mobility.

6-28-15: Sleeping Unswaddled: This was huge. Yes, she was swaddled for just over 7 months. She loved the security of it. And I loved that it helped her get good sleep. She started to show signs that she was ready to graduate. We have a super soft fuzzy blanket that she likes to snuggle and that has helped her transition. Once she started sleeping unswaddled we moved her out of her swing and to our bed with her fuzzy blanket.

6-23-15: Saying “dah” for dog: Molly loves love loves animals. She especially loves our dogs and the cat. She started calling the dogs “dah” and recognizes what a dog is when we ask where they are. We are very fortunate that our dogs are patient and loving towards her. Willow especially is so tolerant. She lets Molly grab and lie all over her without even so much as a hint of a growl. She doesn’t even attempt to get up when Molly is near.

6-29-15 – Eating yogurt: This was a big hurdle for Molly and I believe it helped her get past her aversions to the puree type food consistencies. Too much yogurt turned out to be a bad thing for her tummy if she eats it every day but it led to her being more accepting of other foods because she loved the taste so much.

7-1-15 – Saying “cat”: Big girl has the cutest reaction to the cat. She screams “CAT!” (at!) and sits up very straight with her legs out and starts rolling her ankles around in circles. It might be one of my favorite things. She even knows what rooms to predict that the cat is in and calls for her when we go to those rooms.

7-09-15 – Eating Oatmeal: This was huge. One of the biggest fears I had with Molly & FPIES was that. since she reacted to rice, she would react to many other grains. It’s not uncommon, as I’ve found out from other parents of children with this, that they react to multiple items in the same food family. We were so relieved that Molly not only passed oatmeal but she thrived on it. She loves it and it has helped her in so many ways. She eats it every single day, still, and screeches at me until she gets it in the morning.

7-17-15 – Scooting backwards: She has been working so hard at mobility but just not quite getting it. But she finally started scooting along backwards. She came across this skill accidentally while trying to force herself into a sitting position from being on her tummy.


She’s still nursing but we started supplementing with formula once we determined it was not something she would react to. She drinks a mixture of formula and breastmilk while I am at work and when I am home she is exclusively breastfed. Her sleeping patterns vary. Usually 2 naps per day and sleeps all night but not 12 hours straight. She typically wakes up a few times at night to nurse/snuggle. She definitely like to be in mommy and daddy’s bed.

in this month Molly started to show her first signs of anxiety when with people that are new to her. She’s definitely a mommy AND daddy girl. Brian can put her to sleep probably faster than I can. She’s ticklish under her arms and on the bottom of her feed. She copies facial expressions and tries to copy sounds we make. I think one of our favorite things is to spy on all three girls while in he back of the car together. They definitely keep each other entertained.

Here are some pictures of our sweet gal in her 8th month.



Now on to 9 months! (7/20-8/20)


This month was full of milestones for Molly Claire! She weighed 16 lbs 9 oz which put her near the 20th percentile! Yay Molly! Her length is about 50th percentile and her head circumference is 75th! (I’d like to think it means she’s extra smart!)

Not much changed with her sleeping and eating habits except that she is eating baby food regularly now like a champ. No more aversions at all. She loves all of it. Pushes of applesauce are a huge hit. She digests them well and can easily eat them on the go.

7-26-15 – Clapping: Clap Clap Clap! She loves to do this and she discovered she can do it while holding objects too. And big sisters just love to clap at her clapping! They are thrilled with anything new that she does.

7-27-15 Waving: My favorite part of this is that she watches her hand in amazement while she waves. It’s as if she can’t believe she’s doing it! Her timing is pretty good too- she waves when saying bye to someone.

7-29-15 – Grabbing onto our hands to pull herself up: This is adorable. It may be one of my favorite Molly memories. It shows how trusting she is of us. And she’s choosy about who’s hands she uses to help herself up. She knows better than to grab onto the girls’ hands because it could be unsteady. When she sees hands she goes straight for them and helps herself into a standing position.

8-2-15 – Ears Pierced:   She handled it like a champ. Earlier than we ever thought we’d be doing ear piercing but since we took Cam to get hers redone we figured it was a good time to get Molly’s too. She’s done really well with them. Doesn’t pull or get bothered by them.

8-3-15 – Reaction to Eggs: This was unexpected. She’d had eggs twice before with no issue. While eating scrambled eggs for breakfast she closed her mouth as if to refuse to eat anymore. This is unusual for her. I got up to get some coffee and when I looked back she was slumped over asleep in her chair. This has never ever happened before. She’s one of those babies that has to be put to sleep, and it’s never at breakfast time. I ran over to wake her and make sure she was medically okay and she was lethargic and pale. I knew instantly she was having a reaction. It was a much faster onset than before, though. I held her and rocked her for the next hour while she faded in and out of this sleepiness with pallor and bouts of hiccups coming and going. And then, as I expected, the vomiting started about an hour to an hour and a half after she ate. She vomited all over the place and then, when she was done, she was better. Despite it being a little traumatic for her, it wasn’t nearly as scary for me. She’s bigger now and didn’t get dehydrated as quickly. And despite the lethargy and pallor, it wasn’t nearly as severe as her first reaction in May. Either way, no more eggs for Molly. After she recovered from this reaction, she was fine. It was as if it never happened.

8-4-15 – Accidental Reaction: When life gets busy, sometimes you just need help. I had asked someone to pick up baby food for us as I was unable to get to the grocery store that week. I specified the brand and no rice/bananas/eggs. Unfortunately, some baby food has rice in it and the rice isn’t the main ingredient and isn’t listed in the title of it. The food made it back to our house and I’m ashamed to say I even warmed it up and fed it to her for dinner. Molly had been fine all day- her normal cheery happy self. While I was feeding her dinner, she did her closed lips no more food thing. And then the hiccups came. And she was eager to go to bed. My gut told me what was going on. I immediately ran to the trash can to re-read the ingredients on the food. I was horrified when I saw the 4th ingredient was “organic brown rice”. I knew what was coming. I set up the baby monitor to check on her constantly. As if on schedule, 2 hours after she ate she made a tiny fuss. I ran into the room and saw she was covered in vomit yet again. She was pale and lethargic, again. Just like the other two acute reactions. She doesn’t cry when this happens. She just goes through it. It’s incredibly sad to watch. After vomiting over and over for about an hour, she was finished. It was all out. And she was ready to go to bed again. This time I went to bed with her so that I could make sure she didn’t vomit again. While I feel embarrassed and ashamed that this happened, it did let me know that what we are dealing with is no fluke. She will outgrow this, but for now, rice is a big no no. Thank goodness, we’re able to manage at home and didn’t require medical intervention. But it’s not something we take lightly either. Since this incident, her pediatrician has prescribed an epipen just in case she experiences shock like symptoms with a reaction. He will be running a full blood allergy panel at her 1 year check up.

8-5-2015 – going from tummy to sitting position: Molly was excited about this milestone because she loves to sit up and hates tummy time.  She had no interest in rolling over so she figured out how together up instead. Once she figured this out there was no more tummy time for Molly Edge!

8-10-15:  Molly is baptized.

8-11-15 – First crawling steps: while some babies learn to crawl by starting on their tummies, all three of my babies have learned to crawl by sitting up and beginning to lean forward for an object until she figured out she could move herself closer and closer to it. Just like Charlotte and Cam, she looked like a precious little sea turtle when she learned to crawl. Molly’s signature is leaving her left leg out straight while she moves. It’s hilarious to watch.:

8-13-15 – saying “hi” and waving:  Even though she doesn’t do it much anymore it was so cute while it lasted. She would say “EYE!” And give a huge wave.

8-17-15 through 8-23-15 – first vacation: Unexpected but very welcomed, we got to take our very first out of state vacation since becoming a family! We moved into our house in May but our floors have been having problems and the builder decided to replace them. Since we had to move all of our furniture and be out of the house, we decided it would be great to just drive to Florida and enjoy ourselves. We were paying for the hotel anyway. We are so glad we did because we had a blast and should the budget allow, I would love to go back to Destin every year from now on. Molly did well on the ride along with big girls. It took 11-12 hours each way with all the stops but well worth it.

 8-20-15 – Upper right front tooth


And finally for this post, 10 months! (8/20-9/20)


We think big girl is around 17.5 pounds. She wears size 6-9 months clothes and size 3 diapers. Her hair is growing but is not yet long enough for a bow. The fuzz that is there appears to be blonde. Her skin is getting darker and almost orangish because she eats so many carrots and sweet potatoes. Just like her sisters at this same age. She loves to point. Giggle. Be tickled. And kissed. We can’t imagine our lives without her.

Since her new found freedom with mobility, Molly has been unstoppable! She’s into everything! She’s super curious about anything she comes across. I love to watch her study objects and many times put them into her mouth for a quick taste. We’ve started to have to tell her no and she’s quickly learning how to manipulate and test boundaries. She’s also learning how to protest if something isn’t going quite the way she wants. She loves to be held all the time except when she wants to be let down to explore. She loves baths and hates getting her diaper changed or being put in the car seat. You would thing she has never been fed when you put her into he high chair for breakfast. The girls coined the term “grumpy growl” for Molly’s impatience while eating. If you don’t feed her fast enough she growls at you.

8-24-15 – pulling up on bathtub & crawling everywhere: She figured it out while we were staying in the hotel and she has been doing it ever since. She pulls up on everything! Not really cruising yet but I think she’s getting close. She loves to stand up like a big girl.

8-26-15 – rolling over from back to tummy (finally!): She did it! And said “no thanks” to diaper changes as soon as she figured it out. She can go from on her back to crawling and standing in a matter of seconds. Every day that goes by she gets stronger and stronger. I can’t believe I ever worried about this little girl. She’s done so much growing up in the last few months. She never did really figure out how to roll from stomach to back but she clearly didn’t need it. She just skipped it and went straight from stomach to sitting up. Next is the toddler phase and we’re not ready!

8-28-15 – saying sounds like “ba” and “ma”:   I think “mama” is coming soon! As soon as I heard these sounds my heart skipped a beat!

9-3-15 – saying “bow wow wow” and “mama”: Six days later, she’s figured it out. “Mama Mama mama” she says. She’s seems to use it appropriately too. She says it when I walk through the door from work in the mornings and when she’s extra hungry, tired or needs to be picked up and cuddled. She will sometimes come crawling as fast as she can to me saying that. My heart bursts with joy. She learned to say “bow wow wow” for only 2 days and then she hasn’t said it since!

Since she’s been crawling for about a month, Molly has gained more strength and now crawls on all fours, like a bear. It’s hilarious. I’m sure it comes from us having so many hard floors in our house and she doesn’t want to scuff her knees but we are tickled every day when we see her crawl like this. She’s become so efficient at it that she even does this on carpet now. And she’s fast!

Here are some pictures of our precious gal at 10 months. We love her so much and can’t believe her first year is almost over. She is still such a baby to us. She will always be. Her personality is adorable. She’s shy, quiet, sweet and funny. Just like she’s always been. She’s a little hesitant of new people and is not keen on being passed around a party but once she gets to know you she’s an absolute joy. Those big blue eyes make parenting hard. How could we ever tell her no?


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