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Molly’s 6th & 7th Month Update

And wow..just like that Molly is now just a few days shy of EIGHT months. With all the craziness the last few months have brought, I’ve completely missed her blog post/growth updates!

So I’m going to back track a little bit.

Molly’s is six months!!


Here’s our official 6 months old picture of our precious blue eyed beauty.

Her weight at 6 months: 13 lbs 11.5 ounces (9th percentile)

Her height at 6 months: 26 inches (56th percentile)

And she measures a whopping 73rd percentile on her head circumference.

Look at how much she’s grown!


Molly’s sixth month was a little hectic. We truly cannot complain about a thing when it comes to this little girl. She is an absolute dream baby and we have enjoyed every second with her so far. She’s such a joy to be around. She’s taking her sweet time to grow up and we LOVE it. I’m only documenting these things because I don’t want to forget them. It’s definitely not a complaint. Life is already a blur half the time and if I don’t write this down I’m afraid it will be something I will forget.

So there were a lot of memorable moments for Molly this month.

4-22-15:  Molly got her first bite of solid food Her first solid was rice cereal. We mixed it with breastmilk and she did great! She had been trying to eat anything she could get her hands on before this point and was eager to start. She looked forward to her food and seemed to really enjoy it. After rice cereal, we tried peas, and then baby bananas.


As expected, big sisters (especially Charlotte) were happy to celebrate this milestone with her.


She’s very particular about how she feeds her.

4-28-15: Molly gets with RSV & bronchiolitis –  She likely picked it up from her sisters. They just had minor colds. And that’s all that RSV normally is. But in infants, it often turns to something a little more severe and our poor baby just couldn’t seem to shake it. After waiting 5 days for this “cold” to go away I took her to the doctor. She was wheezing and coughing and couldn’t get anything up. She sounded awful. He told us his diagnosis and ordered a nebulizer with albuterol for the wheezing. Nothing we could do but wait it out. Poor baby was pretty miserable. Here she is sleeping through her breathing treatment. She was so exhausted from being sick.


She did so well with her breathing treatments. They really helped her and I think she knew it because she never fought it. They would make her cough and I could hear her chest start to loosen up with them.

4-28-15 : Molly’s First trip to the ER –  Well, the first night after that visit to the pediatrician, I put Molly down for an afternoon nap. She slept for a long time so I went to check on her. I found her awake so I picked her up. She didn’t seem to be in any distress at all. I turned the light on to change her and noticed her coloring was off. She was pale colored and lips were almost a blue/purple color. I took her to Brian and he noticed it right away as well. She wasn’t coughing or straining to breathe but her color was really concerning. We decided to call the pediatrician and in the mean time give her a breathing treatment. She started coughing heavily during the treatment and afterwards her color improved dramatically. I knew she was okay in that moment but I was terrified to go to sleep that night. The pediatrician told us to take her to the ER and I was okay with that because I knew I wouldn’t sleep well without her being seen. The ER doctor reassured me that she was okay, just part of the hassles that come with RSV in infants. Bronchiolitis causes extremely thick secretions and likely she choked on some of it. She would be fine but he wanted us to continue the albuterol frequently and said in a few days she would be much better. He was right and she improved without any further complications. She just scared us. This was our first ER visit as parents. Figures it would be on the third baby!

5-7-15: Molly’s 1st tooth arrives Teeth! We knew they had to be coming! The first to pop through was the bottom middle left. Such a fun part of growing!


5-11-15: Molly has reaction to rice/bananas:  As if the RSV scare wasn’t enough for us, just 2 weeks later Molly had a horrible reaction to the food we’d been giving her. She had tolerated the bananas and rice well, even together, previously so it was just another day for us. I mixed up some for her to eat for lunch and she gobbled it up as usual at 11:30 am. This was all in the midst of packing and moving so I went about the house doing things while I waited for the 2 pm mark which meant I would leave to pick up Cameron. At 1:45 pm I heard Molly stir. It was just a tiny whine like she normally does to let me know that she’s awake. I sent Char to the bathroom and to put her shoes on and I put my own on and then a few minutes later went in to pick her up and then change her and get everyone in the car to go. When I walked in the room to get Molly, she was asleep again. And then I noticed she was completely covered in vomit. I was a bit perplexed at this since I didn’t hear any of it happen and she has never vomited before. She hardly even spits up. I picked her up immediately to change her and she was so sleepy. She didn’t want to open her eyes. God was looking out for us this day and Brian was home working the second half of the day. I immediately alerted him that I needed some help getting her situated because if I took too long I would be late getting Cam from school. I asked him to come look at her because she was still so sleepy in my arms. And then she started vomiting again. And again. And again. She would wake up only enough to vomit and then would go back to sleep. She began to looked lifeless. The color drained from her face. I laid her down on the ground in her room to change her and she just kept vomiting. And then out of nowhere explosive diarrhea. Which just kept coming. Rapidly. I’ve never seen anything like it. It all happened so fast. And so violently. Diaper after diaper. Each moment that passed she became weaker. And more pale. Molly would open her giant blue eyes, which looked even bluer because she was so colorless, and give the most pitiful look. I was thinking initially that maybe she had a stomach virus. The nurse in me wanted to justify her color. “I feel horrible when I’m nauseated too. She’s probably having a vagal response from the gagging and vomiting.” But the mom in me kept saying, “This is not right. I’ve had vomiting kids before. This is just not right.”

I sent Brian to get Cameron so I could watch Molly. While he was gone she just kept vomiting. This went on for an hour. There was nothing left to vomit and she just kept retching. No crying. No fighting. Just retching and then practically lifeless. She couldn’t hold her head up. She just wanted to close her eyes. She laid her head on me. Her face was grey. Her lips pale. With every passing moment I became more concerned. I called the pediatrician and they couldn’t see me until 4pm. I called a friend of mine who is a nurse and she assured me something wasn’t right. I tried to feed her because I thought maybe she was just dehydrated but she refused to nurse. At one moment, an extreme guilt took over. I was genuinely afraid my baby was dying. That any minute she would not come back to me. That she would stop breathing. I hated myself for not taking her to the ER right away. I hated myself for being a nurse and questioning my mothering instinct. I hated myself for trying to make sense of it. The only thing that mattered is that my baby was so sick and I wasn’t where I needed to be. I was alone, at home, with her and I was too terrified to put her into her carseat and drive her to the hospital. I was ready to call an ambulance when Brian called me. He was almost home and I told him not to get the kids out of the car. I would come out side and we could go straight to Texas Children’s. I went outside and waited for him. When he arrived she was vomiting again and he saw her. Her tongue was grey. Completely grey. Her little body so limp and so pale. We were both so worried but we put her in the carseat and I sat in the seat behind her. I tried my best to keep her awake so I could know she was okay but she just wanted to sleep. He raced us to the hospital…in the rain. God was watching over our family. I pulled her out of her carseat and brought her into the ER. While we waited to be triaged, her color began to improve and she made eye contact and even smiled. She accepted nursing too. By the time we got to the room she was much better. She was pink and she was acting like herself. I was so confused. Relieved she was better but confused by what we had just been through. What the heck just happened? I knew if it was a stomach bug she would be getting sick again. They gave us some pedialyte to give to her but she refused it. She continued to nurse and when the ER doctor saw her she suspected it was more of a reaction to what she ate than a virus. It didn’t seem like an allergy as she had no respiratory involvement but something was off. She never did vomit again after that time. She had diarrhea for another 48 hours. The ER doctor referred us to an allergist and recommended no more rice or bananas until we were cleared by them.  They monitored us for 4 hours for any additional reactions and then discharged us home.


No ER visits with any kid for 5 years and then TWO in 2 weeks with the same kid. All in the midst of moving and end of school year madness.

5-13-15: Molly sits unassisted for the first time.

Despite all the crazy happenings, Molly found the strength to hit a new milestone! Check out this adorable big girl. I love her so much. She was so proud to be able to sit like this.


5-14-15: Molly sees allergist and is diagnosed with FPIES to rice/bananas – We found a pediatric allergist and they were able to fit us in right away. After giving our description of the event that happened, he decided he wanted to do some testing but suspected all the allergy tests would be negative. He said it sounded like a textbook acute FPIES reaction. FPIES is Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome. You can read about it here. So we did the testing anyway and she is not allergic to anything that we tested for. (The “H” stands for histamine which was the positive control and the “S” is saline which is the negative control in the pic below.) Now this is IgE testing which is typical allergies (rash, hives, anaphylaxis). It turns out there’s no test for FPIES except an oral challenge test. It’s diagnosed based of clinical findings and he didn’t feel it would be helpful to submit Molly (who is already underweight) to do a test that could possibly induce that reaction again. The good news is she will outgrow it. All we have to do is avoid rice and bananas until then. It is probably only one of those, by the way, that caused the reaction but we don’t know which so we will avoid both. I was confused about why she reacted after having them both several times and apparently that’s a normal thing with FPIES. Some children are so severely sick with FPIES that they have hardly any “safe” foods and many have chronic reactions such as failure to thrive and diarrhea. Thankfully Molly isn’t sick and other than those 2 foods, she seems great. When she’s 18 months old, her allergist wants to do a medically supervised oral challenge test to see if she’s outgrown her reaction. The allergist advised us of the potential for future “trigger” foods so we’ve been very careful about introducing foods. We’ve even cleared her now on formula for supplementation and she’s doing great.


5-14-15: Molly’s 2nd tooth arrives – Bottom middle right.

Molly has bright blue eyes and light brown hair (more of a fuzz) and beautiful full red lips. She’s got expressive eyebrows just like her big sisters.

Her six month check up brought advice for beginning formula supplementation for weight gain. She sits up well unassisted but still is not rolling over after the first one we initially saw at 4 months old. She really doesn’t like being on her tummy and she loves to be held. So we do a lot of that and the doctor suggested she likely just needs more floor time to start making progress with her physical milestones. He is not concerned at her lack of interest in mobility but would like to see her rolling over at 9 months old.


Now on to 7 months old…

I didn’t weigh Molly but I can tell she is starting to gain some weight. I’m not worried that she’s dropping any lower at least. More and more of her adorable personality is developing and the four of us are falling even more in love with her.


In Molly’s 7th month we moved! Molly got to experience all of the packing and craziness that comes with it and she tolerated it like a champ…as did big sisters.

5-28-2015: Molly’s 1st bath in a kitchen sink – In between houses, we stayed with grandparents for a few days. It was like a vacation. We had so much fun. We bathed Molly in grandma’s sink and I HAD to get some pictures.

We moved on May 29th and have been working to get settled ever since. 🙂

6-3-2015: Molly starts babbling – “dah dah” is her first word. It’s applied to just about anything. Here’s a precious little video of our babbler..

6-16-15: Eating small pieces of fruit – After her reaction in May, Molly refused anything but nursing. She would not accept any food off a spoon. Slowly we were able to get her to accept formula for supplementation by mixing it with breast milk starting with just an ounce at a time. She learned to accept the flavor and is doing well now as long as there are at least 2 ounces of breastmilk in her bottle. The food, however, has been a challenge. FINALLY, she started to eat some small pieces of fruit. First apples, then blueberries and grapes. The apples have gone over well and even though she liked the blueberries they gave her terrible diarrhea for several days. I think her tummy just wasn’t ready for them so we will try to re-introduce later. For now, though apples are good.

Tummy time is still a no-go. She flat can’t stand it. If you put her on her tummy she screams. No interest in crawling. No interest in rolling over from her tummy and definitely not TO her tummy.


6-19-2015 :Molly gets her first bathing suit – Just look at the cuteness.


Here are more pictures from our month.


When she was a newborn, I could fit her entire body in this bowl.


These three though. My heart.


This dress is so very special. This one was made by my grandmother for my mom when she was a baby. Isn’t it adorable on Molly?


She didn’t figure out how to jump in this but she seems to really like the feeling of her feet on the ground!


Molly loves to sit and play with toys. She’s very content being in the sitting position and playing.


Planting with Daddy at our new house.


Molly has such a special relationship with her sisters. Charlotte is particularly drawn to her and can make her smile with hardly any provoking. Molly is a happy baby but quiet and reserved with strangers. She lights up at the sight of her sisters though and loves to shriek and talk when she “plays” with them.


Beach Day 2015


We took a day trip to the beach last Sunday with the girls. We stopped at our usual place to eat on the strand and then headed to the sea wall for some time on the beach. The girls had more fun this year than ever before. Partly because it was warm enough to enjoy and partly because we found a great little spot where the tide was out and we could play safely. Molly was THRILLED from the moment we got out of the car. She loved watching the seagulls and squawking at them. When I found a place to put her down she was immediately captivated with the feel of the sand. She loved when the water would rush up to her and she could splash in it. She’s definitely a water baby just like big sisters and was just so cute to watch. A couple of times she tried to eat it but daddy was quick with his hawk eyes to spot it and keep her from it. (We’re a little weary of the water quality in Galveston.) The big girls fed seagulls and collected shells. They even played with a real hermit crab! They dug holes and enjoyed just being kids and getting super dirty. We can’t wait to go back again!

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I just love this. Cameron & Daddy. This was in 2011 before Charlotte was born and then now. Always and forever her daddy’s girl.

Brian & Cam walking on beach

Happy 4th!


I can’t believe it’s been 2 whole months since I’ve posted! I have a lot to catch up on!

Happy 4th!

Ours was one I want to remember forever. It was the first time we’ve ever done anything as a family for the 4th and it was fantastic. We went to the Tomball July 4th celebration and we had a BLAST. The girls were able to meet up with Cameron’s best friend Jesse and his family. Long story, but the shortened version is that we’ve moved (again) and Jesse’s family did too. Jesse’s family is only in Tomball temporarily until his family’s home in Pearland is ready for them. They’re staying with his grandparents on their ranch in the area. But we’re here in Tomball to stay and we love it. We. LOVE. it. I was so afraid it wouldn’t feel like home but I already love it so much more than Katy. It has a small town feel. It feels like the country. It smells like the country even! So it’s been great that the girls have a built in playgroup practically in the area for the summer.


Another long story, but shortened version, is that my parents are temporarily living with us. Their house flooded on Memorial day and needs massive, and I mean massive, repairs. It’s a long and stressful process for them but they had flood insurance thankfully and will be able to make some much needed repairs to their home. So, we’re happy to have them here with us for the time being and likely a few more months. They were able to join in on the fun for the 4th and the girls were thrilled.


We ate great food, played, jumped, got wet and even got to pet farm animals. The night ended with an amazing firework show and we had perfect seats. It was spectacular. I brought my tripod to attempt firework shots for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by some of the results.

More blog posts to come soon, specifically with some important updates on sweet Molly and, as always, lots of pictures. <3

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