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FIVE months


Molly is FIVE months old!

What a fun month we’ve had! Every day we fall more and more in love with this precious baby. She’s just such a dream. She’s still a perfect baby. Absolutely perfect. Absolutely delightful. We love our Molly girl.

Here are some memorable events in Molly’s 5th month!

She discovered her feet! (3-31-2015) And has since figured out that they can reach her mouth.


She rolled over! (4-1-2015) It was accidental, we think, but it counts! She hasn’t done it since but that’s okay. We love that she’s not in a rush to grow up. We’re not rushing her either.


Molly’s 1st Easter! (4-5-2015) Isn’t she a doll in her little dress with her sisters! We had a great family day and the girls did well in church.


First Ear Infection (3-27-2015) A record for our children. She’s already been through her first round of antibiotics. She’s had several colds so far but this one was the worst and she started running fever. She got up to around 102 F. She had an awful cough and her precious little voice was hoarse. I checked her ears at home and sure enough, bright red and full of pus. Thankfully only a few days later, after Amoxicillin, she was feeling much better.


— First Belly Laugh (3-19-2015) She has had a few giggles here and there but she gave her first belly laugh and we have it on video! You’ll have to pardon the dorky mom doing all she can to get her to laugh. 


— First Bluebonnets (3-31-2015) Her first trip to the bluebonnets was a success! We drove to Austin and also to Schulenberg for pictures and she did was amazing. Lots of pics below! Hah! My good friend Twyla owns a photography business in Austin, Twyla Hall Photography, and we enjoy taking pictures for each other. It’s incredibly hard to get a family self-portrait. Twyla took the first 3 images below and I took the last 2. IMG_6193 (1)IMG_6136IMG_6300UV3A5701UV3A4922

First Ring Around the Rosie (4-4-2015) How cute is this!? You may remember this video from a few years ago… “Careful, Daddy!” Cameron was such a funny child!


Here’s the new version!!


I just love the way Molly looks at them when they’re doing that. Or anything!

She adores her big sisters like you wouldn’t believe.

First Swing at the Park (4-20-2015)



She’s sleeping 12 hours at night. She’s eating every 3 hours during the day.

She wears size 3-6 months and size 2 diapers.

She weighs about 13-13.5 pounds.

She’s still practically bald. Maybe a little peach fuzz up top. I can see two little hair swirls, one going clockwise and one going counterclockwise on the top of her head.

Her eyes are stunning. Definitely her most striking feature and what people are always complimenting her on. They’re just so big and bright and blue.

Here are more pictures of our precious little piece of perfection in her 5th month.


a trip to the museum

We braved our way through the crowded Houston Museum of Natural Science yet again. Two moms, six kids. A great time.

This time we saw the Hall of Paleontology, the butterfly exhibit, Egypt (yes we had to explain the dead bodies aka mummies) and the wildlife halls.

After the museum, we had a picnic in the beautiful new gardens across the street. It was incredibly hot and the kids ended our outing by getting a little wet in the fountains. Oops. All in all, a wonderful time making fun memories with some great friends.