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We’re Amazed!


It was no surprise that she couldn’t wait to get back out on her bike this afternoon. And in a matter of seconds, she picked ¬†right back up where she left off yesterday. And then, a minute later, she no longer needed us to be right there with her. She went and she went and she went. And she rode like she had been riding for years. Such confidence. Such satisfaction. She was so proud. And then she realized she could do something she never could before….

She could go fast.

And so she did. Faster and faster and faster.


Brian taught her how to stop and go on her own and then he taught her how to make skid stops. She would ride as fast as she could and then slam the breaks to make her tires skid and then without stopping or touching the ground would keep riding. See the skid marks she made today in the picture below. I’ve never seen a kid pick this up so fast.

But this is also the first time I’ve ever really observed the process. ūüôā

Cameron says, “I’m a natural.” I think I’d have to agree.



This Girl!


Some mild weather meant we finally made it outside to play today! The girls always love riding bikes.

I suggested to Cameron that when Daddy gets home that we try riding without training wheels. She took no convincing and the minute he drove up she talked him into it. It took her no more than 5 minutes to pick it up. She could have probably done this a year ago but we never even thought about it. She’s so naturally coordinated and athletic. She was so pleased with her new skills.

She had to make sure “Waddles” came along for the ride.





Daddy’s Birthday


Last week we celebrated Brian’s birthday!

The girls were absolutely thrilled to have a little party for him. We went shopping and they chose a gift and then each made a card. (Well, except for Molly.)

When Daddy got home from work he opened his gifts! Notice the very special Dragon bag! I bet you can guess who picked that out.

UV3A3289UV3A3287¬†Charlotte’s card!

UV3A3291¬†And Cameron’s card. Notice all the blue hearts. Blue is his favorite color so she made as many blue hearts as she could to let him know she loves him¬†very very much.

He opened his gift. A new watch! And new dress socks! Yay for Dad gifts? The girls helped pick it out so he loves it very much.


 Cameron wanted to play video games with Daddy and Charlotte wanted to help me make his cake.


It turned out perfect! Was so delicious and his favorite kind! She’s such a good helper!


The 3 is for 30 something. (And because I forgot to buy the 4 candle at the store.) It still counts. Make a wish!


Such silly monkeys. My favorite parts of this picture? The dinosaur on the table…they’re everywhere in our house. And Charlotte making the “I love you” sign. Such special girls. Molly was around but napping and being perfect as usual. I regret that I didn’t get a picture of Molly and Daddy on his special day but she loves him very much! She thinks he’s hilarious and smiles at anything he does.


¬†Happy Birthday Brian! You’re an amazing daddy and we love you so much. Thank you for all you do for our family.

Molly 15 Weeks

UV3A3374UV3A3387 UV3A3426 UV3A3406 UV3A3392

Molly is 3 months old!!


Sweet Molly is 3 months old!

She’s still absolutely perfect!

She didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month but our scale shows she’s somewhere between 11 and 12 pounds! She’s definitely a bit longer too! She loves to stretch out those long legs!

She still wears most of her 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.

Her hair (what little bit she has) is a blonde/light brown color. She’s almost completely bald on top with a little bit in the back, still leftover from her newborn days.

Her eyes are still a beautiful blue color. Bright blue with a dark blue ring on the outside.

Big Moments for Molly this month:

– Following something with her eyes/head around a room
– Turning her head toward noise
– pushing up on her hands when on her tummy to lift her head
– cooing and talking
– Amazing eye contact
– reaching toward objects
– discovering her hands and putting them in her mouth

She sleeps 9-12 hours at night with at least 1 long nap of 3 hours during the day. She prefers to sleep independently, swaddled still of course. She sleeps in her swing every night. We’ll be transitioning to her crib, most likely, when she outgrows the swing.

She nurses every 3 hours during the day but still happily takes a bottle while I’m at work. She’s seriously a dream baby.

She adores her big sisters, most of all, and smiles and coos at the sight of them. She even smiles when she sees just a picture of one of them!

¬†We haven’t heard a deep belly laugh or a cackle yet but she does make some sounds that sound like the beginning of laughter.

Every day with her is such a joy. I still can’t believe I’ve been blessed with this precious little angel. I can’t wait to see her personality develop!


I did this comparison photo when Molly was 2 months old but it’s even more apparent how similar they all are now that she’s 3 months.

Notice the : noses, ears, chins and cheeks

Untitled-1 UV3A1855 UV3A1831-2 UV3A2019-1 UV3A0468-1 UV3A1037-1 UV3A1562-1 UV3A1710 UV3A1816 UV3A1762 UV3A1915-1 UV3A1909-1