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After her bath..


Charlotte & Molly


Because I love that little voice..

This is something that no picture in the world can capture. That precious voice. Those coos and squeals.

After looking back through videos of Cam & Char as wee little babes I’ve decided I need to take less pictures and more videos. Perfect timing, too, as Molly’s discovered her voice this week.

And I thought I couldn’t love her anymore. I’m pretty much convinced she’s perfect. Our precious precious Molly.



You may notice Charlotte grabbing Molly’s right ear at the 30 second mark. That’s her thing. She is crazy about Molly’s ears. And to be honest I am too. So cute, right?

Molly’s Precious Voice


Smiley Baby


Zoo Lights 2014


I can’t believe I forgot to post theses!!

Last December, we took the big girls to our very first Houston Zoo Lights experience. The zoo uses hundreds of thousands of lights to create a spectacular holiday display complete with Christmas music and all. Molly was just a few weeks old at the time so she stayed with Mimi. It was really great to have the opportunity to spend time with the big girls and give them lots of extra attention. They had a blast! It was more crowded than I’ve ever seen the zoo during the day. The girls were unsure about why they were at the zoo but couldn’t see any animals but had a great time anyway! I really enjoyed the low light photography challenge!

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