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Little Fox


Molly got this precious hat as a gift this morning and I couldn’t wait to snap a few pics of her in it. Goes well with her (our) love of little foxes!

Just for fun


Here are all 3 of our girls at similar ages. I think Cam was 4 months in the picture, Char 3 months and Molly 2 months.

Biggest similarities I see? Cheeks, Noses, Ears and Lips.


Molly is 2 Months Old!


Molly is 2 months old!

These have been the best 2 months of my life and have flown by so incredibly fast. I used to wonder about what life would be like when Molly arrived. How would we adjust? How could we manage everyone’s needs? Would the big girls be okay? Would Molly feel loved?

It’s funny how life happens. You embrace it. You jump right in. And by the grace of God we all adjust and are happier than ever before. We made that same jump when we took Cam home from the hospital and again with Charlotte. These little blessings are such treasures from above. And while parenthood is without a doubt life changing and more difficult than anything in this world, it is also the most rewarding part of our lives.

Molly is as close to perfect as babies come. She is precious and laid back and sweet and smiley and patient and such an amazing part of our family. She loves to snuggle. She loves to be held. I could spend all day inhaling her sweet scent. Feeling the warmth of her little fuzzy head and nuzzling into her soft neck. I’m so enjoying these days where she fits so perfectly in my arms. She craves my touch as much as I crave hers. These days are priceless. We are so thankful for our littlest babe. That she’s here. That she’s well. That she’s ours.

On her 2 month birthday, we visited the pediatrician and she had a perfect check up.

She weighs 10 lbs 9 ounces which is 30th percentile and is 22.25 inches long which is 39th percentile.

She received her first set of vaccinations but did so well the rest of the day with minimal fussiness. She just wanted to sleep.

Most of her newborn hair (the little bit that she had) has fallen out on the top of her head but she still has a little bit in the back.

Her eyes are so striking. The insides a beautiful deep blue surrounded by a dark blue band.

Aside from her eyes, her ears are my favorite feature of hers. Her fingers and toes are still long and graceful. Her skin perfectly soft, completely free of baby acne now.

She is gazing at objects further away now. And she follows us as we move about the room. She enjoys watching mobiles and fans. And she seems intrigued by the dogs.

She’s doing well with starting to hold her head steady while being held upright and on her tummy.

She smiles with eye contact. Especially after she wakes up. She calms with touch. She loves to have her hands held. She loves to be carried, face out now, so that she can see all that’s going on and feel like she’s not missing an thing. But she also loves to nestle in and fall asleep in my arms or on my chest.

We’re starting to hear some cooing. Such a sweet sound. I just love the faces she makes with it.

She sleeps 7-8 hours straight at night. She falls asleep at about 7-8pm and I hold her in my lap until I go to bed at about midnight. Then I feed her and put her back to bed and she sleeps until close to 8am. After I feed her, she’s usually willing to go back to bed again. This girl loves to sleep. She also naps several times during the day. I’m telling you. She’s the best baby.

She’s nursing well and clearly growing well. But she’s also being pretty good to Brian while I’m at work on the weekends. She takes her bottle without difficulty and sleeps all night for him.

Big sisters adore her and tend to her every peep if she’s not being held. They enjoy helping out anyway they can. They ask daily when she will start crawling. No rush, Molly! Take your time sweet girl.

Clearly I’m a tad obsessed with photographing Molly. She’s so willing and I just love documenting every part of her. She changes so fast that I think it’s therapeutic for me to capture all of this so I can have it forever. One of my favorite things to photograph is all the funny faces and all of the funny things she does with her arms. She’s quite the little ham, don’t you think?

Here’s Molly in the last month.


Molly is 7 Weeks!


Her cuteness is unbearable. Her personality is blossoming. We can’t get enough of our Molly.




Happy New Year!


So thankful for another year of blessings.

Here’s to a great 2015!