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our girls



Those eyes


I just love this picture of the girls. They’ve both been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days. Just the usual winter colds. This was late yesterday afternoon; it was overcast and dreary out. I went upstairs to feed the baby and do a little work on my computer. They were sitting on the wood floors I use for pictures and I walked over to them with camera in hand and snapped this. Why do I love it? I love that it’s 100% spontaneous. I love their eyes. So expressive and dramatic. I love that they are not posed. I love how close they’re sitting and that they do this naturally. Charlotte’s rubbing her eyes because she missed her nap. Both girls could use a good hair brushing. Their clothes don’t match but who cares? And Cameron has her little toy husky dog. This is so her. And her sweet little smirk. I love these two, to the moon and back.

Molly 4 Weeks


Cameron’s 5th Birthday!

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I cannot believe she’s 5! Five seemed so far away, five years ago. She was just a tiny. Thoughts of kindergarten seemed so far away. And now she’s a big girl. She knows what’s going on. She’s smart and hilarious and downright awesome. And she’s so very excited to be 5.

It’s really bittersweet watching her age. I’m so thankful for everything about her but it’s also a little sad to see her growing up. Just today we had a conversation about getting married. “You don’t have to worry about that until you’re 30, Cam.” She argued with me. And then the conversation turned to how babies get in your tummy. REALLY??? Can we just talk about butterflies and fairies for a little longer please??

Cameron had a great day, though. Daddy made her waffles for breakfast and then they went upstairs to watch tv and snuggle together until Charlotte, Molly & I got out of bed. After we ate, Cameron got to open the presents from us. She was so excited to get the gifts she’s been wanting for months. It was well worth the wait it seems.

Then we prepped for her party. All of the family came and it was a blast. She got more presents that she even expected and loves them all. Her owl theme was a hit. The cake was delicious and everyone had fun.

I’m so happy she enjoyed her day. That it was all about her. And that she smiled ear to ear from the moment she woke up until the moment she went to bed. It’s a part of childhood everyone should experience. She waited and waited and waited and the day came and didn’t disappoint. Happy Birthday to our dearest firstborn. Our precious Cameron Kate. We love you more than life itself.

We’re working up a plan for her 5th birthday pictures. I will post them as soon as we have them!



One thing that has started to bother me is that when our girls grow up they will have millions of pictures of themselves but only very few with Brian or myself or of us as a family. It’s really hard to coordinate getting someone to take pictures of me with the girls.

So today I pulled out the tripod and remote and decided I would take a few. It was the end of the day. My hair is not done. There’s little to no makeup left on my face. These are the clothes I’ve been in all day. It’s not fancy, but it’s me. It’s real. This is what I look like most days out of the week. I’m tired. But I’m here. And I love my kids more than anything in the world. I want to always remember how small Molly is. How she instinctively reaches for my face. She craves my touch. And she’s comforted by my closeness. She’s connected to me even though she’s no longer inside. There’s just nothing like the bond between mother and child. And I want my children to know it’s always been there.

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Molly is 3 weeks!


Our Molly is 3 weeks old!

Look how big she’s getting!


Her sweet little arms and legs are filling out. And her face. I just love that little chin.

She’s just about outgrown newborn size diapers. A few newborn size outfits still fit but I’ve started to move her up to size 3 month clothing.

She does everything she’s supposed to. She’s eating well, sleeping well and going through the diapers like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m still calling her my perfect baby. She’s just so good.


Molly’s “Fencing Reflex”

Her awake periods are more frequent and for longer periods of time now but I’d say she still sleeps most of the day. She eats every 3 hours around the clock.

While awake, she’s usually content unless she needs to eat, be changed or wants a little help falling asleep. She enjoys watching mobiles and lights. She seems to know how awesome her big sisters are because she loves to watch them already. We have to be close enough for her to see but she definitely stares right at them.

She’s sleeping a little lighter now. She’s easily awoken by sounds and touch. We’ve definitely outgrown our newborn pictures phase.


I’m starting to see the first signs of baby acne on her delicate skin. Looking back through pictures of Charlotte, I can see that she went through the same thing from about 3 weeks until about 6 weeks. It comes and goes but is easiest to see when she’s hot or upset.

Her eyes look more blue now than ever. Her light brown hair is thinning in some parts. I can’t wait to see what color it will be.

She’s often complimented on her beautiful skin tone and her long fingers and toes. And of course how good she is.


I can’t imagine life without our precious little girl. She completes us in every way. I can say, without hesitation, that we really do enjoy every moment with this child. She is a dream baby. And we are so thankful for her.