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To Our Five Year Old


Our Dearest Cameron,

It feels like just yesterday you were born. The very moment you arrived our universe changed. It’s a moment I will never forget. It is almost dream-like. We saw your face and couldn’t believe you were real. You screamed and our hearts were filled with joy. We instantly loved you more than we could even describe. The kind of love we didn’t even know we were capable of. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for you. Nothing.

You have been a joy from the very first moment. I don’t know what we did to deserve a child like you. You have always been so smart, so imaginative, so funny and so loving.

Every year that you’re older we’re more proud and more impressed by you. You’re an amazing kid, Cameron. You love life. You love you family. You love play. You are enjoying your childhood. You are sensitive. You are caring. You run through the house pretending to be a dragon from the time you wake up until right before bed. You pretend to have magic in the car. You love action figures of any kind. Especially if they’re squishy. You love all things squishy. You pick a toy to sleep with every night. We find dragons and princesses and ponies and dinosaurs in your bed. You are the most well-rounded child I’ve ever encountered. You will dress up in a princess dress, complete with a crown and heels, and then pretend to save your sister from an evil saltwater crocodile trying to get her. You are fascinated by reptiles. You don’t like them but you love to learn about them. You love birds too, especially fast ones. You love to read books about animals and find out special facts and then pretend to be them. Like a penguin that slides on ice. Or a cheetah that can run as fast as a car on the freeway. Or a falcon who can fly up to 200 mph.

You attend a preschool 3 days a week and you absolutely love it. Your teachers rave about what a wonderful girl you are. You can write your name. You know your address. You know your phone number. You love to be read to. And you love to learn how to spell new words. You love to count. You can count to 100 and you’re intrigued by the idea of what the largest number really is. You can do simple addition and you can read a few simple words. Your favorite names to write are: “Cameron” “Molly” and “Jesse”. Jesse is your best friend, this year. I think he’s the first real best friend you’ve had, well other than Charlotte. You adore everything about him and it makes school that much more fun for you. Your teachers tell me that all of your classmates love you. That you get along with everyone. That you are kind to your friends. And that you love to help them. It makes me so happy to see how well you’re doing. Daddy & I are working very hard to find the right school for you for next year and on. You are a very special girl and you will have a very special school.

You decided this year that you want to play the piano. We’re working on a plan for lessons. You asked us to take a break from soccer. You swim at a swim school twice a month and love it. Your swim instructor says you’re a natural and that you are already using advanced techniques that most 5 year olds don’t yet use. Charlotte swims at the same time and anytime you get close to her in the pool you stop to go hug/kiss her.

You are a petite 5 year old. You wear size 4 pants and shirts and size 10-11 shoes. You weigh 35 pounds and are 42 inches tall. You are about 15th percentile for your height and weight. We have to remind you to eat sometimes.Your favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and oatmeal. You are usually willing to try new foods but don’t often like them. You love milk but you don’t drink it before bed anymore because you don’t want cavities. You are so compliant with what your doctor and dentist recommend. You remind us to brush your teeth. You can dress yourself without any problems. You can pour yourself a glass of milk and a bowl of cereal. You love desserts, mostly ice cream and sour candy. Your favorite flavors are vanilla and cake batter and your favorite topping is cookie dough. You love birthdays, holidays and any reason to celebrate. You love to pretend that every day is a new toy’s birthday. You don’t sleep unless you have your blankie. You will wake up searching for “him” frantically if you lose him in the middle of the night. You don’t nap anymore unless you’re really tired. You love reading before bed but often don’t make it through the story without falling asleep. You are our early riser, always the first one awake. You sleep in a twin bed in our room. You tell us you’re almost ready to go to your own room. We’re not rushing you. We sleep better knowing you’re next to us. Just this year, you started wanting more space to sleep. You still love to snuggle, especially with Daddy, but you love to stretch out in your sleep too.  You love your dog, Willow, so very much but she’s not allowed to sleep with you because of your allergies. We discovered this year you’re allergic to dogs and cats. 

Your light brown hair is long now and your eyes are the most beautiful dark brown. You want to grow your hair “like Rapunzel” so we’re not cutting it anytime soon. After last year’s hair chopping debacle (I took you to get it cut and it ended up ear length) I’m only taking you to my stylist from now on. You are very good about letting us wash and brush your hair.

You seem to have an understanding of life beyond your years. I feel like your eyes are windows to your soul and I can see what a genuine and good person you are. I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you will do one day. Your compassion for others will impact our world.

You are very excited to have a new baby sister. You are wonderful with her and you remind us daily of how many times she’s smiled at you. You don’t mind her crying and you naturally tend to her. She’s lucky to have you. We’re lucky to have you. You and Charlotte play all day every day. You have your fair share of disagreements too but always get over them quickly. We just love our three girls.

You love video games just like Daddy. Your favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon.Your second favorite is probably Frozen. Your favorite TV show is Octonauts.

I hope you get to read this one day. Everything I pour into this is for you and your sisters to read and look at one day, since I’m terrible at journals and baby books. We’re starting a yearly tradition of taking very special birthday pictures. You get to pick the outfit (with a little help from me) and the location or theme. My goal is to have it be something memorable of your 5th year. This year, you chose the location of Woodcreek and you picked out your dress and shoes, and the headband. I had a vision in my mind for what I wanted from these pictures and I rented a lens to help me achieve that. I want to remember your innocence. You are fun-loving, so sweet and are just so amazingly beautiful. Inside and out. We took your pictures on Christmas Day of 2014. Charlotte was sick with the flu and all our family Christmas plans were postponed. The day was beautiful and we took full advantage. It may have been a tad cold but you were a trooper. I have so many favorites.

We love you, Cam, more than I can even put into words. You are a dream come true.

Love You Forever,

Mommy & Daddy 


Just for fun, here’s a picture from your 1st birthday & now. You’ve still got the “scowl” as Daddy calls it. It’s without a doubt one of our favorite Cameron faces. We love your smug eyes too, though.


Love & Playtime

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Molly is 5 weeks!


Molly’s 1st Christmas and her gift to Mommy & Daddy was…..


Here’s hoping she does it again tonight!


Molly’s 1 Month!


Molly is 1 month old!

We were thrilled to celebrate a great month with our sweetie.

Her 1 month check-up was perfect. She weighs 9 pounds 7 ounces and is 22 1/2 inches long.

The results of her newborn screen were normal, which is great news. The doctor said she looks very healthy and she’ll be back in a month for another check-up + vaccinations.

She loves to kick her legs and stare out windows and at fans. She responds to our voices and to musical toys.

She is getting more strength to pick her head up and look around.

Her precious light brown hair is thinning but her blue eyes are breathtaking.

Her baby soft skin has developed the usual 1 month old newborn acne but the doctor says it’s not itchy or painful to her. It’s just the results of leftover hormones from pregnancy.

She breastfeeds without any difficulty every 3 hours during the day and about every 4 hours at night.

She is sleeping less during the day now and wanting to be held more. She’s happy to sleep if she’s touching someone. She loves to nap in the ergo carrier which keeps her head on my heart and her body close to mine. This is great because it also keeps my hands free. 🙂 Daddy has worn her this way too and she sleeps very soundly.

I see her developing her own look now. She looks less like her sisters to me than she did right at birth. No doubt they all look similar and share some features. Most people think she looks like Charlotte, and she does, but I see more of Cameron in her. Genetics are crazy. Maybe it’s the eyes but for the first time ever I actually feel like one of my kids looks like me!

Check out Cameron at 1 month old here and Charlotte at 1 month old here.



Even though she smiled at Cameron once before, and often in her sleep, she has started to predictably smile at us when we make eye contact and talk to her. I had to laugh though because when I put her down to take the picture above she wanted nothing of it and screamed.


I’m obsessed with her yawn face.


Merry Christmas!


Kick Kick Kick!


Blue eyes!



The most loving big sisters ever.


Still so small in Daddy’s hands.

We are so thankful for this precious tiny blessing in our lives.


Christmas Eve


Our 2014 Christmas Eve photos.


I think I’m going to make this a “thing” for Christmas Eve.

Here are last year’s pictures. We are so so so very blessed.




Christmas is being delayed by a little bit for our family this year. This sweet little face tested positive for flu today. No worries, I’m sure Santa had his flu shot and will still stop by but we wont get to see our families for a few days at least. I snapped this tonight as soon as we got home from the doctor. Her cheeks were so flushed and her lips were so red..she looks pitiful but yet so amazingly beautiful.