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Family Picture


I’m not typically a fan of having my picture taken but I decided I wanted to get some family pictures done before the baby’s arrival. She’s 36 weeks now and realistically could decide to grace us with her presence at any time. Some good friends of mine offered to take pictures for us. Even though the girls were not as cooperative as they usually are, I really do treasure this rare family photo. I haven’t had the chance to sort through all of them but was glad we got at least one.


Pumpkin Patch Picture 2014

It was a VERY quick trip to our pumpkin patch this year. Cam & Brian were sick and with the available days/nights before Halloween dwindling, we decided to do a now or never run and hope for the best. We were in and out in less than 15 minutes. Both girls were super cooperative, smiled appropriately for pictures, picked their pumpkins, we paid and were on our way.


Charlotte is 3!

Our little Char Bear turned THREE September 23rd. I wanted to make a post to remember what our sweet and spunky little soon-to-be middle is up to these days, other than being ridiculously cute.


We went to the doctor the day after her birthday for her well-check. She’s a healthy girl! She meets all of her developmental milestones, by a long shot, and is measuring perfectly on the growth charts.

She is 30 pounds 8 ounces which is 49th percentile and is 37.25 inches tall which is 57th percentile.

She was not necessarily happy about it but she did get her flu shot on this visit. No other vaccines were scheduled though. We have the 4 year old visit to look forward to…poor baby.


On her actual birthday she had the pleasure of bringing birthday treats to school for snack. She picked doughnut holes. That meant a birthday doughnut for the little munchkin for breakfast. She chose pink with sprinkles, her usual favorite at our neighborhood doughnut shop. Daddy was sweet enough to go into work late so he could enjoy her birthday breakfast with her too.

After school we got ready for birthday pictures. She got to pick the theme. You guessed it. Mickey Mouse.


At her request, she wore her Mickey costume with balloons and also the brand new Mickey dress from Grandma & Grandpa.


She can be quite the camera ham when she is in the right mood.


Things I want to remember about Charlotte at age 3:

— Her beautiful long blonde hair, with curls at the end.

— Her perfectly tanned skin that is still baby soft.

— How adorable she is in big girl panties. She finally potty trained for real at about 2 years 10 months.

— The way her little mind works. She loves to take things apart and put them back together. She loves to build.

— How tactile she is. She can’t help but to touch everything she sees.

— She loves anything electronic. She idolizes Daddy’s computer and wants one just like it.

— She definitely knows how cute she is and uses it to her advantage.

— Her little underbite.

— The way she wants to “nuggle” at night with momma. “Five minutes.”

— The way she loves Mickey Mouse and interacts with the TV show. She memorizes the words so quickly.

— She learned to ride a big girl bike, with training wheels, at 2 years 8 months.

— The way she “spells” her name. C-H- (Insert random letters and maybe numbers) – T- T- E!

— Her precious little singing voice.

— The smile she gets when she sees her big sister.

— The first thing she does when she wakes up is say, “Where’s Cam?”

— She has moody moments but is truly a very sensitive soul.

— She doesn’t dislike school, but she doesn’t love it yet.

— She loves to play soccer and is so far doing very well!

— She loves shoes.

— She loves dresses that twirl.

— She loves orange juice, a lot. She calls it “OJ”

— She has her daddy’s sweet tooth and can put away a full sized dessert faster than most adults.

— There is no doubt that she is 100% a mommy’s girl.


She is such a little light in our lives. I can’t imagine life without her. My connection with her goes soul deep. I hope she always knows how much she is adored. Happy 3rd Birthday my little Berry.