Monthly Archives: June 2014


We went to a little mini-vacation/family reunion last weekend in the Texas Hill Country. We had a blast. One evening we took a tractor/wagon ride and ended up in a little “ghost town” with real cowboys, ropers and even got to see a shoot out and a border collie herding sheep! There was an adorable little dress up area where the girls got to try on old western clothes. Once they were on they didn’t want to take them off!

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She’s re-learning to swim! We’ve been out of lessons since September and she lost her confidence. She’s getting it back though and I’m so proud of her. We officially start lessons with a new swim school at the end of the month and I think they will BOTH be swimming by the end of the summer. We’re so proud of Charlotte so far this year too. Last year she had no interest in even getting in the water. This year she loves it!



Coming soon…


A baby SISTER!

Due November 25th.

We are thrilled!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. This littlest girl has had me out of usual business for a few months and I’m just now beginning to feel like crawling out of my cave again. Things are winding down for me as far as photography goes so I hope to be getting back to taking pictures of the girls again and getting us ready for this third (and final) bundle of joy.