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Bluebonnets (and other wildflowers) 2014

It’s that time of year again! The state of Texas is showing it’s beauty. And this momma is now o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d. Now that we’ve done it 3 years in a row it’s a THING. We have to do it every year from now on. What made this year so special is that I only photographed my own children in the bluebonnets. I wore myself out last year trying to expand my portfolio and made trip after trip to Navasota, Texas for friends and their kids. This year was short and sweet and it was the most beautiful day. I thoroughly enjoyed our time. The girls were PERFECT thanks to gummi bears and sour gummi worms. (This is not a treat they typically get to enjoy). Click the picture to make it bigger.Untitled-1

And so you can see how they’ve grown here’s:


UV3A8926-3 UV3A8886-2

And 2012


Water Girl

She watches from the sidelines as patiently as any 2 year old would. She wants to be out there with big sister so bad. Cutest water girl ever.Untitled-1

Simply Cam



Spring Break

 Here are just a few snaps of what we’ve been up to lately!

Strawberry picking!

We found a farm that had free admission and pick all the strawberries you want for $2.25/pound. How fun!! You can’t tell by the looks on their faces but they really had a blast. UV3A2876

Bike rides. Spring is starting to show itself around here which is GREAT. Bike rides and family walks are always good fun.
UV3A2920-1 UV3A2921

She swings! Socks and sandals. She picked out her socks, can you tell?UV3A2967-1UV3A3060I just love her little profile!

UV3A2994 UV3A2926 UV3A3028

The girls have been helping me by being models for lighting in my newborn studio. It’s harder than it looks to get the exact placement of my setup to optimize lighting + depth..for me at least. Awful color behind the kids but who cares. They’re so cute. They love each other so much.UV3A3099-1Helping mommy put the floors together in the studio.


Bath time. Always fun. Always together. UV3A3136

The latest bedtime craze is wearing mommy and daddy’s t-shirts to bed. We love how stinking adorable they are in over-sized clothing. UV3A2791-1

Oh Charlotte!

 She’s just so self-sufficient these days! I found her washing her hands after she took herself to the potty.

Stop growing up so fast!

And get off those step stools before we end up in the ER! I think it’s time to find a Charlotte-friendly boost so she can wash up by herself. 🙂

Camera Ham